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A little word from a high lvl

SathonySathony Member Posts: 5

flyff is  a real catchy game for a new player its easy to understand but after a while the game just turns out to b boring, lvling is just a routine although the game has a good number of items but actually few  are used the rest are useless and after a while its all about killing mobs over and over again to lvl the pvp system in the game is way too weak and only few players go pk and pvp and they are the high lvls there is nothing more to do in the game other than that

one other thing is that the game lacks a closer a purpose for it many new people think that the CW would b it but actually the CW is only lvl 80 and u can do that a weak after the other ,the game really lacks quests the last quest u can do is at lvl 70 that means 50 more lvls free of quests other than the general quests which are collecting mob drops hens as stated earlier go kill mobs 

it has good graphics but with many faults u can go through some buildings and stuff anyway no one can blame them on that cause it has a huge space , and there are many bugs that can't b fixed 

finally flyff is a """"free"""" game but to b honest u can't get to high lvl without buying cash shop stuff  "real money""  either to get rich in the over inflated economy or to upgrade stuff which is a must at lvls 80+ and to do so u need an spro which they have dropped the success rat many times for just to make the players buy more spros adding more to the inflation 

all in all this game is boring not much in it and in the end its all about killing same mobs over and over and milking ur wallet 

i reached lvl90 aibatt server then quited 

ps if u are thinking of being a bp its a very bad choice slowest lvler lower dmg but good in pvp but don't count on that cause they lvler faster so they can kill u


  • FahrenheitTHFahrenheitTH Member Posts: 130

    I know what you're trying to say. I'm a level 71 DEX BP, it does get hard but Flyff isn't a bad game at all, don't let this thread put you off, it just has a lot of room for improvement. They just need to add new content, maybe more bosses, more dungeons, and maybe raids as well, fix some bugs, and tweak the games economy.

    Your gameplay does hinge on Cash shop stuff at higher levels, but money isn't a problem, if you can CW farm, my friend just found an Intiret+3 after killing CW with some of his guild mates, they sold it for about 3bill, and they got around 200mill each, in a few hours. As for players which find CW too easy, well, new bosses, much tougher are on there way. There is a boss in the Darkon dungeon called Metonnyker, currently not open freely for players to in EFlyff but be prepared, he is a level 90 with around 255mill HP, theres Clockwork Alpha, which is stronger, but currently is not free-to-kill like CW is.


    P.S: BP is a good class, it can be a bit complicated, but if you have a good build, you can excel both at PvE and PvP, plus BPs get the godliest skill in the game, Asal, which deals massive amounts of damage, and can 1 hit KO nearly anything standing in the BPs way, you just need the patience to get to level 80, but it doesn't always have to be grind. Just find a good guild, and join in Guild Wars, and CW if you're at least level 75+, which gets you cash, and if your guild is strong enough, you can attempt the Guild Raid challenge, don't take it lightly, there will be CW Alpha.

    Plus, big changes come with each version, so Flyff is constantly getting better.


  • Zackary13Zackary13 Member Posts: 13

    I think FlyFF needs something to WOW everyone, otherwise its the same thing over and over again I've been fighting Steam walkers for about 5 monthes now and I'm kinda sick and tired of it


  • SathonySathony Member Posts: 5

    wow 5 months thats way too long for streams i guess u'll stay 2 years on this average on kerens

    as i said earlier is all about mob killing and nothing more

  • SathonySathony Member Posts: 5

    btw about the bp at high lvls u can't aoe so u have to restat to str build and the str build makes half the dmg a blade does asal takes too much time any dex build can overcome it beside u wont use asal ever cause the pk system is too boring and like 100 people out of all the game population use it so back to mobs

  • FahrenheitTHFahrenheitTH Member Posts: 130

    Originally posted by Sathony

    btw about the bp at high lvls u can't aoe so u have to restat to str build and the str build makes half the dmg a blade does asal takes too much time any dex build can overcome it beside u wont use asal ever cause the pk system is too boring and like 100 people out of all the game population use it so back to mobs

    BP is a bad class for Aoe, so if you're considering an AoE BP, re-consider. I went for DEX/STR, quite a good build.


  • danster17danster17 Member Posts: 1

    Hey guys yea flyff is a really good game but at high lvls the grind does get extremly bad i dont know wat that lvl 71 bp is on about at lvl 71 the grind is AWESOME lol i mean it is not bad at all try grinding a lvl 98 BP lol

    Cw is really cool to oh and u dont have to wait a whole week if u are like me u can join a guild that needs cw fighters, do cw then leave the guild and then do cw again in another 48hours with a different guild.

    PvP aint that bad its just not good ethier lol many other MMORPG's have the same sort of PvP system so its nothing new.

    Well i hope i have been a help

  • jackeccsjackeccs Member UncommonPosts: 392

    I play on mushpoie, 2 high lvl chars, wana meet up or need partner let me know, I have blade and RM


  • ThunD2ThunD2 Member Posts: 20

    I used to like this game , even if it looks kinda gay when you start playing.What fucked up everything was the termination thing (although it's fixed already) and it's VERY misleaded(patches that makes the game worst instead of better) , the company is greedy as hell , the economy totally sucks , you can't survive without buying the cash shop items(and honestly that's a waste of money IMO , I'd rather spend it on a p2p-quality MMO , but well , opnions varies.).

    But the game has something that catch you in , lots of potential , something that can just be explained if played. I don't regret quitting it however.

  • SairuneSairune Member Posts: 2

    I like this game a lot! When I started a long time ago, there weren't many Ringmasters. That was a good time for me, but now it seems like the game is overrun with them. Flyff is implementing a pet system soon, which sounds like it would make it more interesting, so I can't wait until that version is released.

    You don't really need to buy stuff with real money in order to level, but it does make it easier. I heard from others that V.7 decreased the amount of exp you get per kill in the higher levels. I wish they didn't do that since it was already very time consuming to level back then. Flyff is not a particularly good game, but it has cute graphics.

    My biggest pet peeve about it is the extroardinarily large amount of players who know nothing about using vocabulary. For ecample, I'd be in one of the lower level areas buffing lower leveled characters, and many of them would run up to me saying simply "buff". Then I would ask them to say please, ur use prober grammar and they would spam "buff plzzzz" over and over again. It's very fusterating, and difficult to find others who know how to use proper grammar in this game. 

  • SpiderlegsSpiderlegs Member Posts: 25

    i played this game on and off since closed beta ended, back in the days of pause lags and lawolf being only server.

    v9 made people leave in 100s and they actualy went out in the world and found out just how many good free mmos are out there, hence the u-turn 1 week later to remove PK.

    only main goal is lvl60 and maybe exp hunters chance to fight in the darkon mines.  after that same old 20% from quest every 2 lvls, and clockworks has seen its days.

    like you guys i have hi lvl's i was expecting expansion to the world but i found out gala's team only has editing ablitys, people who made flyff and sold it to gala are long gone. bigger land was promised as long as i can remember, all we got was new servers and a new map img, and few 100+ mob one the area DUMPS used to live,.

    hi levels get out , if you havent bought from CS by now you will never buy + hi lvl has penya to buy items from anyone who uses cash shop.

    new players new money,

    as for the GM's where did they go they use to play an active part in this game, now you got some fool spamming msg with the new v9 big text ,, wow im impressed ,, HUH

  • TruecidationTruecidation Member Posts: 16


    Flyff has *potential*. The game engine isn't half bad. The only thing... there's NOTHING to do. It's a mindless, endless grindfest.

    Oh sure, have fun getting to your 2nd job change, at low levels you're still in the honeymoon mode of discovering a neat new MMORPG.

    But you'll realise that grinding is all there is to do. Quests? lol. Fetchquests, and they're grind-based too: collect X amount of Y material, and all of them are pretty much like that, with the exception of the low-level quests, which don't matter anyway since you can just level faster at that point simply by grinding.

    Imagine hitting level 80+ (for those insane enough to tough it out), and what is there to do? One same monster type to kill, endlessly, over and over, until you hit level 120. Yep. That's the endgame. Other monsters give you worthless exp. There's no higher monster, that's it. So there you are, in your shiny +10 equipment which you sweated and slaved months for... and this is all that's left to do? Grind some more? On just one monster until the end of time? Sadly, yes.

    They nerfed the PvP arena, pets are stupidly hard to keep alive plus they eventually give pathetic bonuses anyway, and even if you get one... then what? Eh? Yep, nothing, that's what.


    In the hands of a good developer, you can only imagine the cool quests and events they could hold. Sadly, all Aeonsoft ever does is push new Cash Shop items every week, and hold lame 2x exp events once or twice a month. Wow, 2x exp event, grind some more! Pfffft. All that means is you just grind faster. Running in the same place, getting nowhere.

    Don't need to trust me. Go to the official forums yourself at Go post there, ask the high level players, what there is to do.

    " In Defeat, Malice; In Victory, Revenge! "

  • mtgsongmtgsong Member Posts: 51

    man, after reading your post.. i laughed so hard, because me, myself is a high level with super top notch gear all +10 and even full pierced suit 4/4 28% attack gear..  ahahahaha... coming to think of it... there is really nothing to do but grind grind grind which grind = boringNeSs.. otherwise you'll be farming clockwork (as in flyff only big boss) and trying to get better gear which i have already.. plus they took out the pk server nerfed pvp arena.. it's senseless to play for all the high level in there right now.. which i retired from that game.. i was like "WTF! no pk server, no pvping.. okay, it's time to get back on with life" LOL

  • jsiu123jsiu123 Member Posts: 4

    I had a 89 ringmaster before I recently decided to give up, and I had a lovely permanent partner that will not only hunt like a geek but also talk to me like a friend, and I had a guild with friends too.

    However, over the 2 years period I played, nothing really remarkable I see. Originally this game didn't have a lot of feature, but generally the less popularity means that there are less noobs around, and most people I met are friendly. Now looking back, aenosoft had designed the game in a way that it feels like a rip off. I feel that I'm losing items not gaining. Everytime I go into the forums and logon I feel sick and sorry for how the lawolf community and the forum community is.

    Flyff char:
    lv.58 battle assist - dead
    lv.28 hybrid assist - dead
    lv.16 mage - dead

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