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whats better mu or knight online

topspin173topspin173 Member Posts: 35

alright i am making a servey or there two canditated MU or Knight Online.  So guys which is better.


a) better in graphics

b) better in game play

c) better in skills and weapons

d) anything special that is better that the opposing game ( opsional)



  • DeletedAcctDeletedAcct Member Posts: 883
  • max001max001 Member UncommonPosts: 95
    Knight Online


  • NeptusNeptus Member UncommonPosts: 988

    Mu Online for meh.

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  • MonkeyFartsMonkeyFarts Member Posts: 45

    Knight Online has a definite advantage over Mu in all of those areas. However, one thing that turned me away from Knight Online are the incredibly corrupt GMs. I don't know if they still use some of the shady tactics they did before, but you could spend some time searching the KO official forums for a bit to see. For that reason, I started playing Mu over KO.

  • inchigaisinchigais Member Posts: 66

    Better Gameplay
    Better Weapons

    Better graphics
    Better Skills

  • iveria18iveria18 Member Posts: 123
    i definitely still go for MU online coz i really dont play Knight online..whats good about this game? is it like MU or theres a big difference? well maybe i should try it myself some other time..

    P2P is good but i need free games :D

  • el_rafael_rafa Member Posts: 31


  • dopefish18dopefish18 Member Posts: 163
    i haven't heard of this Knight online before so i really dont have any idea what the graphics and setting looks like and so as the characters...would u mind if u could post some screenshots of the game? well only if u want, just to give those players (who dont know the game) an idea about the nature of the game..thanks

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  • sodomksodomk Member Posts: 1

    KNIGHT ONLINE is better

    MU = (diablo2 - Quest)

  • whiteiwhitei Member Posts: 6

    knight online is better but the way hacksheild is playin up at the moment mu is the best purely cuz i can get to ko


  • hugotomashugotomas Member Posts: 3
    I tink Mu online is better then knight online...

  • iRekiiReki Member Posts: 106
    neither, if you want to choose a game with pure grinding choose MU, if you want a brighter game choose knights. or you can play both which solves everything
  • xxxmonkxxxxxxmonkxxx Member Posts: 257

    I just learned that MU online is pay2play now, so go with Knight Online(mu is better than KO but I wouldn't pay for either).

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  • ImersioNImersioN Member Posts: 53

    sweet i get to compare the two games which ive o so loved for... o so long!!!!W!#E11$#@#



    graphix definetally knight online i mean come on? knight has some of the best f2p graphix out there (silk road being a little better [i reccommend silk too]) but i think the whole gameplay isnt verry far off from each other... knight online will keep you going for the skills and sometimes items and mu for items and sometimes skills.... ko will get you going for items more then mu for skills though, but mu online keeps you really just wanting to get stronger alot and doesnt let you (because of how easy and fun leveling can be [in my experience]) really quit playing too early (not that im saying knight isnt a long lasting experience, depends wat you like and wat servers you play on since I know people are mostly complaining of the customer service and community sorts of problems) i guess what im trying to say, (before i unwillingly run into making myself write 10000000000 lines of post) is that you should try them both and see what suits you better. though in my life mu has been one of those veteran like games so solutes to them!                     

    and a gold medal                         to knight for being such a long lasting and fun bringing game in the time i was most struggling to find a good mmorpg to play for a long time.... so i guess that's settled...

    o and it was not p2p wen i played(mu)


  • sherwinjtbsherwinjtb Member Posts: 17

    mu should not be so easily compared to diablo2... diablo2 is faster lol

     i don't even think mu has as many quests as diablo2 and at least diablo2 has a boss for each act. diablo2 has much more variety!

    mu is the real mmorpg, most players you can have in a game at once on diablo2 is 8 people. the best community feature diablo2 has is the channels (not many games has this).

    mu is a nice game to go on and off, my account doesn't seem to expire even after not playing for a while. well mu is 3d and diablo2 is 2d... but i'd still choose diablo2 over mu!

  • misterbullmisterbull Member Posts: 9

    Diablo 2 should not be compared to MU Online in that Diablo 2 was client side, which allowed countless users to hack, dupe, autolevel, and basically screw up the gameplay so bad that hacking became synonymous with Diablo during its peak.

  • xyoojstaxyoojsta Member Posts: 22
    mu is better but just dont get hack like i did dont trade with ppl for long time like if u need something just do it fast on a trade


  • hobalehobale Member Posts: 16

    well, as a long time knight online now ex-player, i should say this: cheaters heaven (duping, botting, bug abusing, hacking everything) 

    and for those who say its free....logging to the servers was almost impossible, and u had to buy Premium to do, maybe its easier due to the huge number of players who left

  • hinrekhinrek Member Posts: 1
    Mu online is better i think... because i play it :D
  • dertomokdertomok Member Posts: 79
    Knight Online is beter than Mu Online . Like i said before , Mu Online has only Shiny items , nothing more ...

    First you must give , only than you can take .

  • dertomokdertomok Member Posts: 79
    Knight Online is much beter than Mu Online , when nothing lefts too play people go too Mu Online or Runescape ...
    1. At Graphics Knight Online is beter .
    2. At game play Knight Online is beter .
    3. At skills Knight Online is beter and at wepons Mu Online is beter ( Mu Online is only good for it's Shiny armor and wepons )
    4. Knight Online is beter .

    First you must give , only than you can take .

  • awesomoawesomo Member Posts: 31

    Mu online because this game doesn't get borring.

    Knight online does in my opinion.

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