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No Help no gaming. Hate games with no new player support

WildCardzWildCardz Member Posts: 43

Well I tried to get an account ( see my earlier post )  It failed to work properly.

I ask for Help here in the forums and got no reply.

I can not recommend this game to no one.



  • usb64usb64 Member Posts: 1

    yeah i was just surfing and found this page...

    my advice. dont waste your money or time on this game, its not even fun. i played mu back when global had the philippines on the server, and it was only wigle and maya.

    i leveled 3 characters to 300+ i quit 2 months after the game became p2p.  i also played WoW(so much better).  MU has no meaning. imho i rather play nes than MU

  • awesomoawesomo Member Posts: 31

    I think MU Online is the best mmorpg I ever played.

    I played MU Online the first time 5 years ago just because of the intro movie. Then I quit because I discovered private servers. I played on those for 1 year and became tired of those eventually. Then I played all different kinds of mmorpg's for quite some time but none of them got me addicted like MU does. I played World of Warcraft for one day, you can say I wasn't into it, not quite so good as I thought it would be.

    R.o.s.e. online was my second best mmorpg but it sucks there are no low levels in that game now that it has become p2p.

    And now five years later after I quit gaming for a while, I want to pay for MU online because I'ts the only game for me that's worth the money. But now I can't pay because my parents don't have a suitable credit card to pay via internet. Unlucky I guess, but probably my friend will pay for me.

    Thx for reading this...


    ps: WildCardz it's probably smarter to find help in the MU online forums itself then here because most people who play MU Online go on the MU Online forums...

    and if you can't create an account. Maybe you didn't fill in the right data when you tried to register or you used an email adress you had already used.

    At first I didn't get registered too and I did post may problem on the MU Online forums and I got helpfull don't say u don't get help.

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