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What's with my rank

Every day it keeps going down.. I haven't posted recently because I have nothing to add to the usual flame wars, but my rank went from 70 to now 28. Seems odd.


  • DjinDjin Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 3,263
    I think it's stupid too... you're not an "active" member...   I went from 98 to 0.


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  • JustinJosephJustinJoseph Site Co-FounderMember UncommonPosts: 602 image

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  • ianubisiianubisi Member Posts: 4,201

    It's really not all that important.

  • AdminAdmin Administrator RarePosts: 5,623
    Ranks are only based on the last 30 days...why show someone as a high ranking member if they have not been here in months?  The ranks are there to show who is currently active in the community.

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  • TrytoneTrytone Member Posts: 87

    stick to the forum topic. you're rank isnt a mmorpg.

  • MalkavianMalkavian Member UncommonPosts: 2,995

    Moved to Off Topic.

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