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this game could in the long run hav a lot of potential

miketarsmiketars Member Posts: 7

i haven't played this game that long its seem almost restricted  in the way that u cant do that much with in the game ...the game needs more to it to be up there with the other games


  • SaiaxisSaiaxis Member UncommonPosts: 45

    i think you stating that you haven't played this game for long pretty much says everything. I have played for over a year and have seen no improvement, going so far as to say the game has actually gotten worse. lack of activity from the Devs, the rarity of GMs in game and lack of development for at least 7 months has made this game horrible. lack of a hackshield and an in-game bug that disconnects the server, resetting it and respawning the bosses has sent the game down even more in the last 4-5 months. atm there is an exodus of players from the game, quite a few of them long tearm like myself.

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