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I need a western type MMOG

AtrusVAtrusV Member UncommonPosts: 305

I was checking the game list looking for an interesting MMOG to play, but the majority are asian type games. I mean, they use the typical grind system of: kill npcs, raise lvl, kill npcs, raise lvl, some of this games have an interesting pvp but usually involves to reach the max lvl. And for me, this is really boring.

Also I found this kind of gameplay system in World of Warcraft, it's like an asian game but adapted to our taste.

In despite of my opinion, i want to know if there exists a good MMOG to play whereas i wait for Tabula Rasa.


PS: Also i have played EVE Online and Guild Wars. They are good games but already i'm tired of them.





  • Osirus28Osirus28 Member Posts: 23

    City of Heroes?

  • TNT123TNT123 Member Posts: 36

    no, but a "western" game would be cool though :)

  • roalandroaland Member UncommonPosts: 185

    It is a subject that has not been done before in an MMO and i for one think that it would bring a new flavor to the MMO world and maybe rekindle the MMO that has died out by game dissapointment

  • AmaraoAmarao Member UncommonPosts: 650
    Originally posted by roaland

    It is a subject that has not been done before in an MMO and i for one think that it would bring a new flavor to the MMO world and maybe rekindle the MMO that has died out by game dissapointment

    100% right. I regret to inform the OP that as of this time, no game remotely similar to his description exists.

  • AtrusVAtrusV Member UncommonPosts: 305

    Mm, then maybe i should go back to WoW. At least, it's the best of all over asian type games...

  • Elleron00Elleron00 Member UncommonPosts: 40

    A western style game would just end up being a novelty.

    Think about it.  Everyday you hear people complain that all they do is Kill monsters to level.  Grind Quests to level.  Do the same boring Crafting stuff to level.  People hate the GRIND.

    A western style game would end up being the same thing with a new setting.  Which means a few months after its release you'd have the same foolish people complaining about the Grind.

  • VshbaaVshbaa Member UncommonPosts: 6

    The original poster isn't saying he wants a "wild west" mmo, but rather an MMO developed in the Western hemisphere (i.e. United States).

    A wild west MMO would be interesting though :P


  • Elleron00Elleron00 Member UncommonPosts: 40

    Fair enough.  Either way my point still stands.

    People are gonna cry because they end up doing the same thing in a new world.  Why ?

    Because they dont understand that in a roleplaying game its meant that you have and understand your "ROLE".  Theres supposed to be  a reason for killing mobs and grinding quests.

  • AirspellAirspell Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 1,391

    phat loot not reason enuff ?


  • xxthecorexxxxthecorexx Member Posts: 1,078

    what you call "grind" is a mindset of playing. it's how someone chooses to play, how max level and end game are the "goal" of playing at all. there's much to be said for the saying that getting there IS half the fun. enjoy a little crafting along the way, exploring, making friends, and taking in some of the scenery, if the design of the game is good it'll keep you interested while doing so and leveling or building your skills will come much easier, maybe not faster, but much easier. but what's the hurry ?



  • UploadUpload Member Posts: 679

    Frontier 1859

    Frontier 1859 is a MMORG project started by Daniel B. McMillan. Here is an overview from this game, found on the FAQ.

    What Makes Frontier 1859 Different Than Other MMOs?

    People need to feel like their effort makes a difference in the world around them. However, many leading MMO's build a static world with extraneous interactivity potential. Exploration is limited, and role playing is defined as conforming to a level treadmill that requires hundreds of hours and down-time penalties before a player can feel like they make any difference at all. Finally, they go out to discover that all their experience flat-lines with thousands of other players whom already attained the same level. Frontier 1859 will present a different kind of dynamic departing from static persistence and focusing on the development of dynamic persistence. Players will focus on helping or hindering each other's survival in a harsh environment. Communities will create their own laws (or lawlessness) and enforce them (or not). Thus Frontier 1859 will model many of the same conditions people faced in 1859. A dynamic skill-curve system will balance fair play for new gamers, as well as intricate involvement for more ambitious gamers. A "conscience tracking system" will pit the morally obligated against the cunning gang who would take all without asking.

    Claim land, build settlements, establish a reputation, raise a family, or "go it alone" in the challenge to survive. Frontier 1859 will test your character, ingenuity, and resourcefulness against lawlessness, cruelty, fortune, and justice. Frontier 1859 is intended to be a game for anyone looking for an authentic virtual role playing adventure. It helps us see the world from the perspective of being there.


    Is there a market for Frontier 1859?

    In looking towards the future, with over 40 million broadband users in the US alone, the market will grow and mature as new and mature gamers from paramount subscriber bases such as "World of Warcraft" look for fresh new experiences. Such a growing demand enables the development of diverse content to meet diverse interests.


    What are the main influences in the creation and design of Frontier 1859?

    The project is founded upon legend, and a library of reference material. Some key influences are:

    "Gunfighters, Highwaymen, & Vigilantes" by Roger D. McGrath

    "The Big Bonanza" by Dan De Quille

    "Comstock Mining & Miners" by Eliot Lord

    "Harper's School Geography" Harpers Brothers N. Y.

    "The American Frontier" by William C. Davis

    "A Peep at Washoe" by J, Ross Browne

    "Mark Twain in Virginia City" by Mark Twain

    "Women's Voices from the Western Frontier" by Susan G. Butruille

    "The Paiutes of Pyramid Lake" by Ruth Hermann 


    How realistic will Frontier 1859 be?

    The land proposed in Frontier 1859 is the American Great Basin country, western Nevada and portions of California. We want it to look and feel as authentic as possible. Immersion factor is one of our highest priorities. Gameplay will center around the roles that people play, and how their actions affect the world around them - balanced with allowing for each player to determine his/her own level of involvement. Therefore, actual in-game experience and outcome of events as they occur will vary from any recorded historical accounts.


    Why 1859, and not a later (or earlier) decade?

    This is the latest point in the "Old West" that a game could be set and still provide the greatest amount of leeway and customization by the player base.  In 1859 we have established the Oregon Trail and settlers are just beginning to spread out through the region.  Gold and Silver mining is spreading out across the interior of the American West.  The "Boomtown" age is dawning.  Technologies are at their height, just before the horror's of the Civil War kickstart the American Industrial age.  The Indian Wars have not begun, so it is feasible from a play standpoint to be able to play an Indian or Settler and not be biased into a certain mode of gameplay as many relations at the time were congenial and agreements were not treaties by the US government, merely the word of one man to another.  At this time, the US had not developed a policy toward the Indians.

    It is the True Frontier, when the west was just opening up with its possibilities.  We are dealing with US Territories, not states so there is no slave state or free considerations.  The Civil War has not started so gameplay will not get bogged down with what could be real-time in-game problems regarding race relations, North vs. South, and etc.  The Boomtowns are starting up and the Railroads are making their big push into the region so everyone has a reason to aid progress and enjoy it's rewards.  There are no "Indian Wars" as of yet, any conflict between Indian Tribes and settlers are handled on a case by case basis by the local military officials, settlers and tribal leaders. 

    After 1861, the "Old West" becomes a continual conflict between just about everybody involved.  The only animosities really extant at this portion of history in the region is perhaps some problems between recent citizens of Mexico and Settlers (but recorded history shows us that all in all, very few people really noticed the power shift)... and Chinese immigrants brought in to work on the railroad (and as of this point, the cruel inhumane treatment of the Chinese railworker had not yet started as most workers on the Railroads were still well paid workers from back east and the great Rail Wars hadn't yet started).


    What will we spend most of our time doing in Frontier 1859?

    Exploration, travel, hunting and gathering, preparing food, maintaining gear, navigation, problem solving, setting/striking camp, working/crafting/service providing (offline or on-line), socializing, horseback riding, learning new skills, treasure hunting, prospecting, panning, asking questions, rescuing, grooming, practicing skills, running from danger, fighting for your life, acquiring resources, building structures, helping others, sponsoring, reading, exercising faith, setting goals, creating missions/jobs, mentoring, differentiating tall tales from truth, testifying, voting, trading, bartering, investigating, gambling, con-artistry, thieving, fist fighting, stealthing, healing (downtime), courtship, marriage, taking care of children, taking care of animals, farming, rustling, jail-time, praying, visiting, herding, planting, digging, irrigating, swimming, canoing, chopping, logging, hauling, writing, planning, factioning, whining, complaining, spreading rumors, having fun, hating it, loving it, (and hopefully not swinging from a rope).


    Who would play Frontier 1859 if they have only played Fantasy genre?

    Anyone who is looking for a role playing adventure that allows for the freedom to try different things, without feeling like they must obtain level "X" before the fun can start. Anyone who does not want to feel alienated as a beginner. Anyone who wishes the game would not get in the way of pursuing their sense of wonder. Anyone wishing that the time vested would have an affect on the game world around them. Anyone experiencing a lack of enthusiasm from experiences with massive multiplayer on-line role playing games. Anyone bold enough to face the challenges of life in frontier times.


    How customizable will the GUI be? Will all of the keys be re-mappable or 'fixed' ?

    The GUI will be the most un-obtrusive we can come up with. I think most people like to be able to remap. Why should a lefty deal with righty key-mapping? Our commitment to the player is "Fresh experiences with simplistic control." You can bet that the GUI will be an ongoing priority, because no game (or Computer Program) is fun if the GUI gets in the way.

    Check out the GUI screenshots

  • AtrusVAtrusV Member UncommonPosts: 305

    Thanks for the info of that game, but i wanted to say i were looking for a game that doesn't match with the aim of many asian style games, in other words, just to raise level (Lineage II, Mu Online, RF Online, World of Warcraft).


    Sorry for my bad english

  • TNT123TNT123 Member Posts: 36

    wild west mmorpg would be great. why there isnt anything like it?

  • UploadUpload Member Posts: 679
    Originally posted by AtrusV

    Thanks for the info of that game, but i wanted to say i were looking for a game that doesn't match with the aim of many asian style games, in other words, just to raise level (Lineage II, Mu Online, RF Online, World of Warcraft).
    Sorry for my bad english

    Frontier 1859 will be far from the ''common'' MMOG. Take a hours from your time to read through the FAQ, and judge it yourself.

  • TecknicTecknic Member Posts: 458

    It sounds like loads of fun.  I can just imagine all of the crazy shootout action that could go down.  You could arm yourself with revolvers, rifles, shotguns, perhaps even tomahawks and knives for melee combat, and maybe even heavy weapons like a freakin cannon (which, of course, would be hard to move around, but insanely powerful).  On top of that, some nifty bits like getting your hat shot off mid-battle, or having a bullet tear into your arm and decrease your accuracy, or into your leg and decrease your movement speed, could make this even more wonderful then the typical.  And, of course, joining Guilds (call 'em Posses) and riding through town shooting up the joint could be awesome too.  Of course, you'd also have to have the Marshalls, player and NPC versions, hanging around and keeping the town safe.  (Safe by contrast to not-safe, anyway.)

    A Good Wild West MMORPG would be quite the sight to see.

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  • ArtekArtek Member UncommonPosts: 61

    After about a year absence, I have recently returned to Dungeons and Dragons online (DDO).

    I was pleasantly surprised on how much the game grown. I think you might want to do the trial to have a look, there is really no grinding in DDO as such. More of a dungeon exploration.


    Currently supports 14 levels, lots of raids, major quests and is generally fun.


    just my 2c worth

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  • stresslessstressless Member Posts: 12

    Well, i can make you happy...

    The team and I have started working on a Western mmo. Western Blood is the name. Right now its still in development, but where working really hard on it.


    it's still a basic website, but where looking for a website designer...

    good luck...

  • Vicious172Vicious172 Member Posts: 5
    Originally posted by TNT123

    wild west mmorpg would be great. why there isnt anything like it?

    Hey wanna help me raid a native american tribe? phat lewt will be involved.

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