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worth trying ?

connor231connor231 Member UncommonPosts: 12

is it?


  • danmccooeydanmccooey Member Posts: 30

    Yes.  Next question.


    Roll a toon on Mourning server.  Register on the main message boards and ask plenty of questions :)

  • GabrethGabreth Member Posts: 7

    I started with UO and then ShadowBane. I've tried just about all the big MMO's and always found myself back to SB.

  • SmurfMagicSmurfMagic Member Posts: 664

    have you played WoW?

    is Shadowbane good enough to make me want to switch?

    I logged in once like a year ago and it was DEAD ... nobody around.


  • JsteinerJsteiner Member Posts: 217

    SB is definantly worth it.


    Pros: incredibly diverse character development

    Intense community interaction (Crafting, seiging, PvP raiding)

    Combat is ridiculously fun


    Cons: Shoddy graphics

    Really shoddy graphics

    they need to update their graphics engine

    Learning curve for the ins-and-outs is about a week




    dont know if that last one is a con... but its definantly true and you really need to see it lol.  People play SB and quit coz "its teh st00pid suxXx0rz../" without ever having a guild.



    hoped that helped :)

    The ultimate solution to every problem: more space marines.

  • obiiobii Member UncommonPosts: 804

    A more stable client.


    Not sure what was the matter, but client crashed every 2 minutes grrrr

  • RobAMacAFRobAMacAF Member Posts: 5

    I love SB. I have been playing it off and on since beta. This is the one game that keeps me coming back. The main reason for this is because SB allows so much freedom in how you build your characters. When it was pay-to-play I actually had 3 accounts because I had so many characters and they were all so different.

    This is the only MMO that I know where you can have 5 priests standing next to each other and having them be COMPLETELY different from one another. You can have dex based defensive priests. Spirit based healing ones, Int based casting ones, str based fighting ones. Or ones that are con based and take a beating. You can mix and match everything and the fact that the abilities have levels too means that you can have skills and abilities trained up that no one else does.

    The huge customization options is a HUGE amount of fun for me. Heck...when I went back this time I made 3 new characters, they are all the same class, but are no one near eachother. They are so different and I love it


  • ale_jrbale_jrb Member Posts: 30

    It's easy to customise, the combat is fun and it is good for killing time if you are bored.


    Should you try it? Yes! Will it be better than most other MMOs you have played? Maybe, but probably not. It's hard to ask if you should try something because there are so many people, all of whom will have very different views about the same thing. In general, if you are considering trying something, and that something is free, why not just try it?

    "Friends may come and go, but enemies accumulate"

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  • joeybootsjoeyboots Member UncommonPosts: 628

    Just setup an account already and play! 

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