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GW Mailing System???

Hey ... I Own GW Factions and i have an Assassin/Necormancer Char... i am asking is there a Mailing System like in WoW? to transfer Money and Items Between accounts??? instead the normal trading???  my brother owns his seperate GW Fractions copy  ... please if there is a Mailing system or anything similar to transfer money and items pls let me know... if there is no Mailing system pls vote to Create one :).

Thanks :)


  • LionexxLionexx Member UncommonPosts: 680

    Voting wont make it, And in GW it would be pretty useless.

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  • lukebrincatlukebrincat Member Posts: 2

    Well i Think you are right... lol as if the Devlopment team of GW would look at my Post :P hehe i made it just for the fun of it and to see what are the views of the fellow GW gamers out there, personally i am a bit confused as to imagine a Mailing system in GW as it's different from WoW... but i think it is a valid suggestion   i am pretty new to GW and i am trying to adapt to the CORPG instead of the usual MMORPG :) i have to admit that GW requires more skill than WoW since it's based on skills and choices made rather than on Levels :) 

    but i would wish to trasfer money and items from account to account is there an alternative to the normal trading please?




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