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  • Seanhomie22Seanhomie22 Member Posts: 13
    Originally posted by RsDemiGod

    I'm 115 combat in RS with 1877 total, 4 years this past may in game.
    The graphics have never been its strong point,For me and all the rest of us RS addicts it's all about the playability of the game.

     And Jagex IS trying to make it less of a grind for all those that have the attention span of a gnat...They made a mini game called pest control a few years ago which made leveling combat MUCH easier,Which kind of ticked off most of us vets,But it did help to make the game grow.
    They put in Cook-X,Fletch-X and now Make Potions-X...all of these help to make it less of a clicking frenzy,but again it aggravates those of us that did it the old fashioned way.
    Not all of us RS players have an attitude problem,yes alot do, but those are mostly the new ones with less than a year in game..PC'ed their combat and gained a massive ego,We aren't  ALL like that.
    Especially those of us that started in classic.
    RS is in the top 5 popular games in terms of active accounts,must be a reason for that.
    So much for "Brainwashing".....Google this:
    Young people can derive huge benefits from multiplayer online role-playing games, according to academics at Brunel University.  Dr Simon Bradford and Nic Crowe, of Brunel's School of Sport and Education, conducted a three-year study into 13 to 16 year-olds playing Runescape, a game with over nine million users worldwide.

    You are totally right, but idk where he got '9 million users' Jagex Corporate says 5 million to get advertisers, and the runescapes site about 3 months ago launched the "1 million users" milestone.  I think its kinda like roller coasters... they're all the biggest* (in the state of texas, some restrictions apply) lol.  But hes right.  I didnt start out Classic myself, but i play it every few months, Its like having a 1945 penny, you have it, its cool, but its not the best damn thing in the world.

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