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Please help me.

KuzzleKuzzle Member Posts: 1,058

Ok, a little bubble popped up from the lower right corner saying there was an update or something so I clicked it. It told me to download it so I did then I installed it. It prompted me to restart my computer so I did. Now it's stuck in 4 bit color and 640 x 480 pixels. The help thing on my computer isn't helpful

 I'd be thankful for any help or information you guys have.


  • DjinDjin Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 3,263

    That's called Windows update. :)  It will tell you when there's updates for your OS...

    lol... I'm to tired to fully explain where to go in the control panel and change your display options... lol


    What will he do next?
  • numaticnumatic Member UncommonPosts: 665

    Start>control panel> display options then click the settings tab.


    If you cannot change it, you will need to download new GFX drivers. Tell me what GFX card you have.

  • KuzzleKuzzle Member Posts: 1,058

     That's what the help thing on my computer told me to do and I did, it's still stuck even thought I downloaded the drivers and stuff like it said I should.

     I don't know what driver I have;. I don't know how to check this but I think I have some retarded thing called nv4_disp.dllnv4_disp.dll At least that's what it says in some "DxDiag" thing.

  • KuzzleKuzzle Member Posts: 1,058
     Also, I know how to change my display setting but my computer is stuck in these settings.

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