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tassidar_87tassidar_87 Member Posts: 4

Whats going on with Rappelz today i cant get on the game or onto the site??? Is there major maintaince happening? Whats going on? anyone know???


  • ViolentXViolentX Member Posts: 9

    they probably IP banned you for wall glitching!

    no j/k, the entire site and server is down.. maybe 1 day maybe 2 weeks, who knows.. who cares :D

  • Dracon777Dracon777 Member Posts: 26

    It has been down since yesterday... they seem to have been having alot of problems since they did the network upgrade/updates

  • Drag0nBlaz3Drag0nBlaz3 Member Posts: 33

    Really?! I was able to log on today before 3PM. So it couldn't have been down since then.

  • Dracon777Dracon777 Member Posts: 26

    Strange every time I have tried to go to the forums or the main site they have been down for maintenance or something....

  • Drag0nBlaz3Drag0nBlaz3 Member Posts: 33

    Well I couldn't log on anymore afterwards.

  • vinzonevinzone Member UncommonPosts: 255

    lucky you dragon i closed my game yesterday to change something try to rerun it and it hasn't connected since then >.< havnt even gotten to play yet all ive done is make my character

  • Dracon777Dracon777 Member Posts: 26

    I tried multiple times yesterday... and today... and am getting this from the main site "Rappelz Website Is current down for maitenance!"

    the strange thing is they just did a major network update last week and yesterday was supposed to be maintenance day... now nothing and nowhere to get any info...


  • FudgemasterFudgemaster Member Posts: 2

    English flyff gpotato site ( is down for maintenace too! :S

    / o o \
    / --- \
    / /\/\/\/\/\/\ \

  • Drag0nBlaz3Drag0nBlaz3 Member Posts: 33

    Yeah I've noticed that too. It seems that the Flyff and Rappelz are the only GPotato sites that are down. Is the Flyff client working at least?

  • vinzonevinzone Member UncommonPosts: 255

    oh well still nothing today let's hope for tomorrow >.<


    7-04-07 edit: rappelz is back up

  • Drag0nBlaz3Drag0nBlaz3 Member Posts: 33

    Awesome. That took a while. I'm playing.

  • Dracon777Dracon777 Member Posts: 26

    I found out around 0300 this morning that at least the update servers were up...


    and this just after I started playing a trial of Coh/CoV... lol



    Rappelz forums are still down though

  • Drag0nBlaz3Drag0nBlaz3 Member Posts: 33

    Oh well at least the game's working.

  • Dracon777Dracon777 Member Posts: 26

    I got on for maybe 2hrs and then got dc'ed.... grrrrr such a pain... but yeah the game seems to be working fairly well

  • GrozfoxGrozfox Member Posts: 46

    um can anyone mabie tell me why I can donload the client but when i go to unzip it from the folder my winzip tool freezes then it resets my comp. I know it may just me my unzip program but I have no clue how to fix it


  • Dracon777Dracon777 Member Posts: 26

    YAY EPIC 4 is due out by next friday.... and it's been running fine since the minor patch file

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