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Korean Version

WeareweareWeareweare Member UncommonPosts: 195

Just wondering if anyone has played the Korean Version of Red Stone. Any heads up on what its like?


  • xEckoxEcko Member UncommonPosts: 21

    havent played it, seen the videos tho,


    scroll down and on the left hand side  theres about 5 videos

  • WeareweareWeareweare Member UncommonPosts: 195

    Thanks for the quick response, i watched one video and although its in Korean(which i don't speak), the game play looks better than i imagined. The character customization in the game demo it looked as if you couldn't change anything, is that right?

  • xEckoxEcko Member UncommonPosts: 21

    i can't understand Korean either but in one of the videos it was showing the character customization, you can change hair sex etc, so there is some in game, plus theres loads of diffrent Armor types so no ones going to look the same

  • WeareweareWeareweare Member UncommonPosts: 195

    I just finished watching all the movies there, i didn't see them show if it was possible to change the hair or sex of your character. Possibly, you mixed up when it showed the male warrior then went to the female ranger?

  • happydumdoghappydumdog Member Posts: 2

    I've played the korean version, i understand a little korean. I had a lvl 87 archer 67 fighter and lotsa other 50's.  I never really did a quest maybe 1 or 2.  And all those faqs that u heard abt saying lvling is hard, dat is not true.  Lvling is very easy and simple.

    At the beginning u start out by training, no problem from 1-arnd 30, then u get party trained by other high levels and u just stand perfectly still in 1 corner. avg time from lvl 30-40 from getting party trained at a good area should be abt 3-5 hrs and from 40-60 maybe 5-8hrs.

  • happydumdoghappydumdog Member Posts: 2

    and o yea btw, grinding is hella boring until ur arnd lvl 90 or 60 wid good gear.  It sux

    reason #1: MOST gheyest thing ever is consumption of mp. Usually the builds for skills points are put in a certain formula for every character. 1st they put sp into charging ur mana, than an attack that gives u mana, and then ur final attack dat wastes all ur mana.

    reason #2: Pots...costs so much gold

    Reason #3: Dying is a pain in the ass

    Reason #4: Takes sooper long


    ..And if you want to know abt the money system , im not sure i wasnt very rich cuz i didnt underfstand much korean and couldnt really get any of the money system and everything.  But i had pretty good gear, every1 said i did alot of dmg for my level.


    And yes Guild Wars are hella fun in that game

  • WeareweareWeareweare Member UncommonPosts: 195

    Thanks for the info happydumdog,  I have a question or two to ask you. First of all the character customization, can you choose/change what your character can look like?  Can you get your items such as weapons or armor  to have an aura or glow(i've always liked the look of that).

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