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Killing time With Trickster

VivisterVivister Member Posts: 1

As many of you know, there is a game called Trickster Online. I suppose you can say it's different from most games.. Some would say it's a knock off.. honestly I'll keep it short...

I like it.. it's different.. I mean community wise.. It doesn't have the BS that MS has..

No hackers.. No real complaining (unless during Maintaince)

A lot of cutesy characters...

A drilling/digging system is in play for almost all maps.

Active GMs and various events..

Come check it out:

Help our community grow.


  • NatakeNatake Member Posts: 22

    The game is pretty cool tho. I've played it. But if you want to reach a high lvl you can only do that by a party. Or just grind like hell. I not so sure if its still like that but there's a party system that will give you more experience.

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