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SWG Stealth skill

ArlesArles Member Posts: 9
Is there any kind of stealth/camouflage skill/technique which can be used in PVP combat?

I have spread my dreams at your feet,
Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.

I have spread my dreams at your feet,
Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.


  • panachepanache Member UncommonPosts: 397

    Don't expect any type of infi/nightshade stealth war in SWG like you find in Daoc mate :)

    But rifleman get a pve conceal shot....and rangers camouflage...exciting ain't it :)



  • Originally posted by Arles
    Is there any kind of stealth/camouflage skill/technique which can be used in PVP combat?

    I have spread my dreams at your feet,
    Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.

     SWG is NOT like EQ where players can turn 100% invisible (LOL!). There is some camouflage in SWG, but it is not 100% failproof. Enemy players will see you on their radar no matter what you do. But they will not be able to see if you are behind a rock, tree, in some bushes, underwater, etc...

     You can do use use buildings, trees, rocks, etc.. as a type of camouflage. You will still appear on the radar of other players. But they have to see exactly where you are on your screen in order to target you. It is just like in the first movie ALIENS. When the ship captain knew where the Alien was but (obvioiusly) can't see what barriers the Alien was hiding behind, underneath, or what position it was in.

     In SWG PvP it is best if you first learn the sweet spot for your gun/weapon. Range still rules melee (as it SHOULD be! LOL! I'm sick of you melee lovers saying melee should have a chance vs ranged! LOL!). In SWG your character can assume different combat positions which help determine how effective your accuratcy is AND how likely and unlikely the enemy will see you and hit you. For example if you lie prone aka on your stomach underneath some bushes, or my favorite, in some water! With just your gun sticking out visible, enemy players will know your nearby since they see you on their radar. But they do not know specifically what the terrain is, what you are hiding under, behind, what position you are in, etc...

     Though if you are fighting PvP in a city, the enemy can tell if your hiding behind a wall if they also look at their city map and compare where you are on their radar.

     In PvP the things that come into play:

     - Your Species. Some species have special abilities. Like Zabrak with quick mind heal. Trando, and Wookiee have special abilities that help in combat.

     - The quality of your armor. 2 players can both have the same type of armor. But depending on the quality of the raw materials used to make them, the armor can still be different. Best armor comes from an Elite Miner who mines the best elite minerals and resources, then gives them to an Elite crafter, who has elite templates (from doing elite experiments LOL!), and then maybe get an elite slice from an elite level smuggler.

     - The quality of your weapon. Simular things as armor. ALSO some players carry at least 3 types of weapons. A gun that has a long range sweet spot. A gun with a mid range sweet spot. And either a gun or a melee weapon with a short range sweet spot.

     - Learning, practicing, and storing, your COMBO moves! Some players have combos for using depending on how far away enemie players are. Depending on what weapon they are using, the specific health of 1 of the 3 enemy health bars, etc...

     - Learning the lay of the land. Amazing getting enemy players to follow you into an area you know like the back of your hand. They didn't expect that gully, or steep hill, or know about that big boulder/tree/water pool your now hiding behind/in.

     - Buffs. And Heals. Those who know how to use them have better chances vs those who don't. BUT if two enemy players both have max buffs then it doesn't make much of a difference. It's the same as if two players who have no buffs fighting each other.

     - Your private army! SWG is the ONLY MMORPG with this FUN game feature! Command your own Stormtroopers, as well as pets, machines, robots, etc... This helps a LOT if your PA is off line and you get jumped by an enemy PA.

     - Traps, smoke grenades, etc.... I've experimented with this. Theoretically if someone works on it then these can/might/may help. Smoke grenades can maybe help make it a bit harder for enemies to see you. For example you throw a few before retreating, or doing a combo, or changing position, or rolling over so the enemy can't see for a few secs what you are up to.

     There might be more, but this is a list of most of what is involved in PvP in SWG. imageimage

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