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Getting Factions

I'm getting factions soon. It looks awesome! Anyone wanna confirm that?

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  • KrytosKrytos Member Posts: 1
    Factions IS one helluva game, I can tell you that. However, I should warn you before hand that Guild Wars is NOT really an MMORPG but rather CORPG (Competitive Online Roleplaying Game). One word to describe the difference: instancing. If you're the type that likes to be by themselves or with a set group of friends with no one else to bother you, then you should have a blast out of Guild Wars. Otherwise, I'd steer clear lest you waste your money.

  • daniboy2142daniboy2142 Member Posts: 19
    CORPG wow never heard that one before -but anyways, ya factions is a great game


  • dertomokdertomok Member Posts: 79
    Factions has a great PvP mode . Also Factions has AB (Alliance Battles ) and guilds can own towns in it . Intresting , but short storyline . Ofcurse there is new skin armor and wepons , new and intresting cooperative missions , competitive missions , challenge missions and elite elite missions . Factions is based on PvP , so if you like to do PvP enjoy it .

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  • dertomokdertomok Member Posts: 79
    CORPG what the hell is this ? You find another kind of game ? I never heard about this one and GW is a MMORPG game , it was tested and passed the exam . And you think you are smarter than all ...

    First you must give , only than you can take .

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