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How old is Rappelz? What is level cap?

AseenusAseenus Member UncommonPosts: 1,844
Iv only started playing recently however I hear the highest level is about 97 or so and no one knows the level cap yet..


When did Rappelz come out?

What is the level cap in Rappelz?


  • JimyHumuHumuJimyHumuHumu Member UncommonPosts: 251
    Well game stopped being in beta phase before 1 year +-

    I'm playing ( well, i was ) this game for good 8 months, most time that i spent on 1 mmo after good old UO. But all recent changes , especially in their staff and big new update that is still on it's way ( Epic IV ) that will be whole new game in my opinion. Way too many things will be changed, i'm not saying that it will be worst by any means... but just way too much different.

    Everything, from cards to new classes, weapons, pets is going to be changed... 3rd jobs may be good but i don't feel like spending 8 months on one thing just to have something that will be literally useless now.

    And for new players, it's good time to start now or in month or 2 probably. I'm sure that with Epic IV there will be whole bunch of new people ( on already heavily overcrowded 6 servers ) , and when you add many old players that retired or stopped playing while waiting for that famous E4 release ( it was supposed to be released 31.03 if i remember well ) they could as well open new 10 servers.

    And yes, game is somewhat different with great skills/ classes system, inovative ( and probably best  ) pet system in any MMO out here. But all in all everything what you can do there is grind, grind and grind... there is nothing to do except that. And when you consider that you spend your 90% of time in dungeons grinding ( and you stay in one for good 20 lvls , killing few mobs on 1 spot for hours ) it's nothing special really. I would like to see some crafting, mining ... hell even fishing, anything ... But only thing that you do is grind from 1 - 140 ( i think that 140 or 150 is highest lvl... and highest one is 102,3 for now after 1 year ) it's pretty much boring after a while.

    Ah and there are uber-laggy dungeon raids where you can compete for dungeon and winning guild will have that dungeon for 1 week. They can put taxes ( 1-10%) and make some nice money in that time. Anyway that's really laggy so i don't like it.

    And worst thing about this game is poor, if not horrible coding that makes your P 14 - 6ghz with 44 GB of ram look like 386. It's just worst coding ever probably and it has been like that forever, doubt that they will change something there ....

    Overall , probably best "f2p" mmo right now ( with Item shop where any useful item is worth 3x month subscription of best p2p games but ... ).

    There are cloaks worth 30$, helmets 25$ items for double exp for 1hr ( must at higher lvl ) worth 2$ each lol

    Well there is pack of that 2x exp items worth "only" 50$  where you can get 40 of them for 50$.

    Grrr i hate item shops based games... now when i think about it ....

  • AseenusAseenus Member UncommonPosts: 1,844
    nice reply there buddy few questions

    even though im pretty sure i would just like to make sure... with these new "expansion" typed things, will we lose anything or we continue and just new content gets added?
  • JimyHumuHumuJimyHumuHumu Member UncommonPosts: 251
    No, i don't think that you will loose anything after all. Well, few skills are going to be removed, but that's all in spirit of balancing classes :)

    And yes, they will add new content... actually every 2nd job class ( one that you pick at lvl 10 if i remember well ) will have new subclasses. Some 1 , some 2 but that's it. And they will add new zones and dungeons probably together with that classes. Other then that , all old content will still remain untouched. All old zones , dungeons , 2nd job classes , etc.

    And game is still young , and in this 1 year there were countless mini and 2 big updates. Epic III ( one that are you playing now ) and Epic IV is scheduled for the test server for end of this month i think ...  Too bad  that only 500 players will be able to play there , at least when it's just released.

    Anyway , with this new updates i'm sure that many old people will come back. And that's what am i worried about actually. Servers tend to lag when there are many people online ( as there is no cap on players per server , they just crash after some time lol ... well imagine server with 2.000 people and you'll get the picture, no wonder that they crash when server status is red )  and with many new/ old players arriving i expect at least 2,3 new servers... if not... it will be unplayable

    Ah and expect unique, totally random drop in parties. It's literally closest to "total random" in any game that i played. Sometimes you will play for days and won't get a sh*t. Well scrolls and pots are guarantied if nothing else But then you can get 5 good things in 1 hour so after some time it's cool and it gives you some exciting while grinding .

  • Darkseth12Darkseth12 Member Posts: 148

    i played this game before i like how they let lower lvls have mounts was easier 4 new players to move around. the only reason that i quit was because i lost interest in the game

  • Dracon777Dracon777 Member Posts: 26

    Closed beta aproximately 1 year ago - new characters    (Epic 1)

    Open Beta - August 2006 - Character Reset     (Epic 2)

    Game went live September 2006 - No more character resets  (Epic 3)

    Next major Patch is due this month (hopefully) giving players the option of 2nd job transfer (Epic 4)



    it's a fairly new game here in the US

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