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Popular game

grenkalgrenkal Member Posts: 58
Isn't this game popular?


  • tigris67tigris67 Member UncommonPosts: 1,762
    Meh its not That popular..I absolutelly hate the combat system. If it was a normal combat system, I would definitally play the game!

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  • RageMonsterRageMonster Member UncommonPosts: 120
    What is the combat system like?  I hear everyone talking bad but what exactly is it like.  I would download the game but not if the combat is bad.


  • pwappwapppwappwapp Member Posts: 2
    its not popular at all...    The combat system however is not horrible,  its different.   Style is prefferential. I, however, like the combat system and the choices of character development are endless. The customization and the community are the 2 great things that keep ROE going.

  • christwariorchristwarior Member Posts: 126

    the combat system is kinda weird first u right click and select attack then u have to click who you r attacking every time u want to hit it. then when it dies u select what u want to loot and thats it. i will admit the combat system is awkward but rubies of eventide is a good game lots of options with the classes and stats

  • pk3rpurepk3rpure Member Posts: 86
    ROE is a great game. The only problem is there is no ppl. The combat system is very good if u learn all the shortcuts and things. once u played for a while it gets very intresting. The player develepment stuff is realy k00l 2. There is like a hundred subclasses and like 6 classes. The levelling is also intresting. I suggest trying roe


  • rawrxbradrawrxbrad Member UncommonPosts: 117
    The developers abandoned this amazing game that makes me quite sad, but I give consent on trying this, great game, and the combat system is great it just takes a while to get used to, combat system reminds me of final fantasy for the NES.
  • pk3rpurepk3rpure Member Posts: 86
    The develepors of ROE need to come bak lol! All ROE nee ds is some updating and more ppl!  they shud start advertising... Also they cud try and find sum new developers... Teh game cud be rly good if sum1 tried


  • reddoreddo Member Posts: 115
    ROE was a great game when you have 4 + people in your party and go into a place with large mobs. The combat system does get a bit annoying, so it's not too popular. If it was popular (or at least more people than right now) then I'd definitely go back and play this again.

    I also like the glowing weapons... My sword was red and glowy.
  • earthguidoearthguido Member Posts: 3
    Well, not only ROE developers never left, but we have also a new beta client, open for testing and with a noticeable improvement in zone loading times and overall game performance.

    Man, this game is so addictive... only thing it needs is more people.
  • FleeingFleeing Member Posts: 5
    Yea, it's a nice game, took me awhile to get the hang of it but it's got one of the best community out there and once you get used to everything, it's one of the most addicting games out there. I started playing this one and a half years ago while taking a break from WoW and now I find it impossible to leave this.
  • Dude_1414Dude_1414 Member Posts: 45

    I tend to see quite a few people playing, I just started and Im dig'n it so far.

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  • preacher70preacher70 Member Posts: 2
    Great game, yes could do with more peeps. now on to the combat system...  i've played alot of mmo's in my time and this system was different to say the least, but after getting use to it i beleave that it is a good system. In other mmos u can b the victim of Kill Stealing, thats not possible in RoE with the current combat system. Oh and if u hit F2 while in combat it puts auto attack on =P then u just click on the creature u want to attack first, also if u cast spells F1 switches between spell casting ans mele damage.  It's not that hard to get use to and imo it's a cool little system.
  • FlaxenFairyFlaxenFairy Member Posts: 44


    How can you say it is a good game?

    Maybe if people actually played it the game would take off and become 'good' at the moment there struggling to keep everyone entertained! Its grindy as hell, they graphics arnt that good. The interface sucks and still your here saying its good !!!

    The community isnt friendly, not a single person willing to help a noob out!


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  • a0monkeya0monkey Member Posts: 1

    this is a good game but listen to the 2 biggest problems, one- lag is terrible, it is impossible to move about and do stuff smoothly, thats one of the most annoying things about all these mmorpgs coming on and running on crappy servers. the other major one is, all the GMs r complete azzh0les,  THEY ARE THE MOST ANNOYING PEOPLE YOU WILL EVER ENCOUNTER,


    -so ok get this, i got baned for a week becuz my name was amonkie and that wasnt a freakin "role-play" name and the GM said change it and i said "no", thats all i said and i got freakin banned, so basically if u play this game, avoid the GMs and if u do encounter one, ull see y this game doesnt hav a large community.

  • SWGLoverSWGLover Member Posts: 539

    Well, sounds like they ban players that can't follow rules, so it sounds pretty good! 



  • rawrxbradrawrxbrad Member UncommonPosts: 117

    this game totally gives me a b()ner you should try it =]




    *halberd server for life =]

  • chris1nejichris1neji Member Posts: 17

    well i played this game before yeah it was fun but the community was really small barely none so i quit uninstall it also but if they have a bigger communnity i will join so is there a lot of players last time i played it i was bored

  • Ebol-aEbol-a Member Posts: 18

    BORING... Like runnin in soft wet sand... But hey, try it for yourself

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