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AppleiPodAppleiPod Member Posts: 7

1. Is It Any Good

Yes or No

2. How many types are there

3. Are You Addicted



  • BigMangoBigMango Member UncommonPosts: 1,821

    1. Yes its good, especially for a free game. Many say that it is better than many of the pay 2 play games and the best of the free 2 play games.

    2. What do you mean with "how many types" ?

    3. Yes, playing Rappelz until something better comes out. Of course to get addicted you need to find yourself a great guild and friends. Like any other mmorpg.

    4. I left Vanguard and Lotro for Rappelz. Whereas these 2 games were rather boring the fast paced combat in Rappelz makes it much more fun to play. Dual wielders are awesome.

    The game is like Lineage 2, although not as complete as L2 in the higher end play (L2 is 3 years old, Rappelz started last November), the Epic 4 game update is coming later this month to improve this.

    Compared to L2:

    - same look and feel as L2

    - better graphics (especially outside) with larger viewing distance, swaying trees and swaying grass in some areas, some reflective water.

    - much better pet system (pets are so hard to manage in L2 nobody uses them). You can have many different pets and evolve them.

    - much better mounts system (nobody uses mounts in L2, system is too bad as with the pets), although you can't own them, they are for rent only.

    - much better quests system, many more quests (so as opposed to L2 there can also be some solo fun if you don't feel like teaming up with a group).

    - better abilities play with improvement cards

    - open market like L2. This is imho much better than a "broker" system as it fills the cities with animation/people (look at the Vanguard dead cities); and I like having to go shopping to look for the stuff. This also builds player interaction within the community.

    - like L2  the combat is great. You feel the hits; the screen is shaking on criticals. Awesome. Other games like Vanguard and lotro as so bad compared to this.

    - its free 2 play.

    - ...

    As I said higher end play is not as complete yet, but last month Rappelz got guild alliances and arenas, castle sieges work, guild wars are coming.

    L2 is of course a great game, but compared to the free Rappelz its not worth the money, imho.

    => the game is new, and as any new game it is improving.

    Now it's up to you, if you like the play style (L2 style) or not. But it's definitely a good game.
  • AseenusAseenus Member UncommonPosts: 1,844
    if you liked L2 u will like rappelz, imo its a very nice game and worth a shot :)
  • ViolentXViolentX Member Posts: 9

    1. Is It Any Good (it is good until you reach level 95-100 and find that there's nothing to do besides 24/7 dungeon grinding for hours + you will always need a party  to level since the drop rate suks sooo badly)

    3. Are You Addicted (from level 1-80 yes, after that it gets soo boring)


    it says it's a f2p game, but i'm thinking there's some kind of subliminal message to the game that makes players spend loads of cash on it.  I mean you can practically buy anything in the game from the cash shop, even rare weapons and upgrade cubes.. so basically if you're rich outside the game world, you'll be loaded in game if you decide to spend money on it.  Most of my guildmates have at least spent over 500 usd within the pass 6 months.. I restricted myself to spend 200usd.. it's a pretty hefty $_$ game to play..  There are these aweful lag that the company has been having trouble with (very unplayable 3-4 seconds of lag no exageration).  So all the server including the site is down today.

  • KordeshKordesh Member Posts: 1,715

    1. Is It Any Good

    I wouldn't say it was BAD. It's pretty good considering. One of the better item mall eastern games I've played.

    2. How many types are there


    3. Are You Addicted

    Not a chance



    The pet aspect was what really got me into it. I thought it was interesting having an MMO with that much detail put into the pet system. Unfortunately, the game quickly desends into grind grind grind grind grind grind. I'm talking some serious boring as hell grind time. I couldn't take it anymore by the mid 20s.

    Bans a perma, but so are sigs in necro posts.

    EAT ME!

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