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Date of release

aspikaspik Member Posts: 4

Hello everybody.

I've 2 question concerning the release of this game.

Is the date mentionned on this website fixed and official ?

Will this date of release be internationnal or localised (i m french so i hope tha the 1st octobre i'll be able to buy it).

Thank you


  • KartelKartel Member Posts: 241

    The release date on this site is fake just like every other site. A legit date doesn't yet exist. The game is still in alpha right now. Then, at some point, it will go to closed beta, and then open. By open beta, a release date will be more plausible, I would think. Nobody knows specifically when any of these will be, however.

    Last I heard, they are wanting a simultaneous world-wide release, though that may have just been a rumor.

  • Deadaye13Deadaye13 Member Posts: 106

    /agree with Kartel.   If you ever find someone who is saying, "I KNOW THE OFFICIAL RELEASE DATE!!!" chances are that he's pulling everyone's leg.  There's no real release date.  The closest thing to a release date is Guild Wars saying that it will be released in the second half of 2004.  Personally, I don't even think that is accurate.  Knowing all MMORPG, they won't share the release date with everyone until a few weeks or even days (Star Wars Galexies) before it's released.

    Kartel is right about that rumour.  In the Guild Wars webiste, in their FAQs, they say the want to have a worldwide release, not just a United States/Korea release.  I say, they'll make more money faster if they have a worldwide release and not just a release in the US and a select few other countries.

    Hope this helps or at least adds to what Kartel said image.


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  • LivbytheswrdLivbytheswrd Member Posts: 3
    Yes there is no OFFICIAL release date as of yet so all the sites release dates are bogus. but when the game enters beta it should be about 2 months untill the game would be released mayby longer mayby shorter.



  • haidonghaidong Member Posts: 12

    If you look on this site it has the release date set as 10/1/04. But, it has a lot of upcoming games set with the same release date so i'm not sure. I imagine it would somewhere around there. But I won't believe anything until i see one on the official site.

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