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Linage 2 clone?

AseenusAseenus Member UncommonPosts: 1,844
I played linage 2 for a fairly long time and i must say... this is a fairly big copy of it...

however, i loved linage 2 and now i love rappelz lol

so for the future people to say this is a lineage 2 clone... great, rappelz is a copy of a successful and fun game lol :)


  • ikaruga2023ikaruga2023 Member Posts: 8

    Haha...successful, yea until ppl realized they wasted 2 years of thier life just to lose something they worked so hard for in ten seconds because a mob got a lucky shot on em. Or maybe the ebayers who moved thier way up to the top while the non-ebayers scammed thier way to the top and how about the [email protected] [email protected] dwarves and thier [email protected] [email protected] prices. WHAT ABOUT.....well im not gonna go any further into this discussion since this IS the Rappelz forums. Rappelz is kinda like l2; just free and not so gey...

  • RenithRenith Member Posts: 145

    Yep this really is a copy. But I prefer Lineage 2 big time.. There are some better things in this game like damage display above mobs, critical hits are quite fun.. But Lineage 2 is better

  • Psycho-PandaPsycho-Panda Member UncommonPosts: 5

    Well i agree. I have played Lineage. So i can say that Rappelz look alot like Lineage, but does it concern so much as long as the game if playable It really doesn't concern me, so uh... Well. Never mind. Oh and Have a nice playingtime on Rapplez guys!

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