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SOF my opinion, quests, lvling


When i first saw the screenshots of the game i really thought like WOW thats a nice game.

I downloaded it and start playing it.

But the lvling was so freakin hard, and does somebody know the droprate of items?

The graphs are nice, the lvling is a little bit to hard, items are cool and the quests sux.

Plz post your opinion below..


  • DemonZabuzaDemonZabuza Member Posts: 71

    The exp and drop rates are low.


    I only train during double drop rate, so that I get 2x exp ki gold and items

    during the rest of the time I either dont play or hold shops.

  • FeverfewFeverfew Member Posts: 120

    i like the quests XD. there's not much i dont like about this game,it has good graphics,its free,no lag(for me anyways,though i have heard from others it laggs),fun monsters to fight,exciting boss monsters(axe bandit boss is really strong and a fun fight to attempt). But i have seen a good number of bugs in the game,my friend and i trapped a tiger inside the walls of one town,it was hilarious. it is hard to lvl up and item drops are rare but.....when its too easy,like on MUonline or runescape(forgive me for soring your eyes with the "R" word), its just WAY too boring. good luck in scions of fate if you already play it and have fun,and if you dont already play it,HEY 7,000,000 million players world wide! whats not to like?


    P.S. flooded with bots and customer service is CRAP! (can't give a biased opinion,ive gotta be fair)

  • KanaxaiKanaxai Member UncommonPosts: 120
    too many bots for my liking....
  • mtgsongmtgsong Member Posts: 51

    Well, this game is not really to my like. When starting you don't really understand what to do. Not much help or info to help you start up. It's basically self learn play, and when you leveled to certain level and get a quest. A message just pop out on your screen without noticing and talking to you which you don't if that's a gm, or a player, or a npc. While I was testing this game out, saw a level one player killing monster with one hit after another. Afterward I just quit the game when I was testing it.

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