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The WoD MMO is no rumor :)

ValamyrValamyr Member Posts: 3
Upon learning of the merge between CCP and White Wolf in November last year, speculation was already rampant on the forums of both compagnies regarding a WoD MMO. Well, it was less than a week later that CCP was letting us know plans for this were in motion.

Since then, news about WODO (tentative name) have been scarce, but the game's early development was confirmed in several instances by the devs and discussion has continued, mainly on WW's forums. ( http://forums.white-wolf.com/viewtopic.php?t=49283&start=285 )

Here, at MMORPG.com, there was a EVE article a few days ago which offered us the following tidbits:


"For those who do not know, CCP and White Wolf games also had a merger this year. Magnus mentioned that the relationship has gone very smoothly and both companies are now working as one. This leads to the beginning of the "World of Darkness" MMO that CCP has planned based on the gothic horror IPs which White Wolf owns. Games like Vampire: The Masquerade will be incorporated into the MMO as well as many others.

Magnus said that they want the game to be like nothing anyone has seen on the MMO market. They are currently in the concept phases of the game and really want to bring the gothic look and feel to life, no pun intended. He laughed when I asked him if the game would be geared towards older players, silly question. You can't have vampires without blood! Clearly this game will be tailored to an older audience. If the game will be any reflection of CCP's party at GDC, I think we're all in for a wild ride."

Over a month ago, CCP let us know they were currently employing 161 people and were planning a massive expansion in both incelandic offices and in Atlanta for WODO. Recently, in another EVE interview, theyve thrown around the number of an expansion of 100 workers over the next three years to accomodate the development of the game.

Sadly, since the game is in its earliest stages, its been said we need to be thinking in terms of BETA in 2010 and release in 2011 for now. Thats quite awhile away, and the reason why so little is available for now.

Most of that information can be confirmed by googling world of darkness mmorpg and reading the EVE online and WoDO articles at Ten Ton Hammer.

EDIT: Eek, sorry, i wanted this to be a reply in the existing WODO thread. Sorry about that!


  • SavageSageSavageSage Member UncommonPosts: 66

    Oh, Sweet Gygax.  My dreams have been answered.  I have been saying in several forums that "Palladium would rock as a MMORPG, one of my top 3 I would like to see made, along w/ the Heroes(Champions) system and the StoryBook Line (Mage the Assention, Vampire the Masquarade, Warewolf the appocolypse, etc.).  These would revitalize the MMORPG industry I think and would raise the bar very high.", now I run accross this entry.  How did I miss this news release.

    Now I am drooling.  Any data on Beta or expected release (or is the '10/'11 the last word).  My Akasiac (SP?) Brother needs reborn online.

  • GzSx93GzSx93 Member Posts: 43
    Sounds cool....i love gothic style games esspecially gothic MMOS

    Games played:

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    Currently playing: Battlefield 2142

    Waiting on WAR/AOC


  • JhooJhoo Member UncommonPosts: 4

    I have been waiting for this game to come for ages. As have I waited for a Vampire, Werewolf or a Changeling movie or series. I just didn't understood why they wouldn't do one.
    Guess I'm still waiting a bit longer :)

    I wonder how are they going to make the Umbra. Can you travel to Deep and Dark Umbra? And all the different levels (and its been said its impossible to make a map out of Umbra, so will it change in shape or something?).
    There is an awesome chance for great epic boss battles with huge Wyrm spirits in Umbra... Can't wait!
    Hope it will have a big world, this game really needs space, especially for werewolves.

    Its good they are doing it for so long though. This game needs alot of work. There is tons and tons of stuff thats needs to be in it. Space for werevolves, politics for vampires and so much lore it scares me a bit :)

  • FrostFateFrostFate Member Posts: 20
    Umm......Vampire DID have a TV series. It's called Kindred: The Embraced, look it up. It was crap though, sorry to say.
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