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My first day in SWG...


  • Actually dude, three things:

     1. That more accuratly describes EverQuest, and Anarchy Online.

     2. In every MMORPG you have lazy a-- players who sit and beg.

     3. SWG is one of the few MMORPGs in which new players have a very easy time doing something. In which new players do NOT have to sit and beg and can actually successfully kill decent level monsters, make decent money, and get decent armor. Try starting a new character in EverQuest and see how far you get in your paper armor! Try starting a new character in AC and see how far you get with no armor!

     After SWG, AO is the next MMORPG that gives new players a very easy time starting out, making them feel like they're getting something done. So your cartoon about SWG is FALSE. Any players in SWG who sit and beg are on purpose refusing to TRY playing the game. Compare to EQ, AC, DAoC, etc.. in which it is far, far, harder for new players to get something done (especially in EQ... gotta luvv that paper armor! LOL!)

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  • zide56zide56 Member Posts: 356

    I think it was a joke?

  • WillyTeeWillyTee Member Posts: 7

    Actually dude, three things:


    1) It's a joke

    2) It's a joke


    3) It's a joke



  • EnigmaEnigma Member UncommonPosts: 11,384

    i dont know, Xploroorr


    Ive seen 3 SWG whores so far pimping themselves out for 10K for 10 minutes of cyber sex. LOL, that trascends above begging

    People who have to create conspiracy and hate threads to further a cause lacks in intellectual comprehension of diversity.

  • MeddigarMeddigar Member Posts: 19

    This reminds me of two incidents:

    1) In a hotline call, when i worked for a major entertainment company, the sentence "ok, so its just a game..." slips from my lips when a customer complained about several things and nearly starts whining... after this words from me, he totally exploded crying "JUST A GAME!!!!" its was hell, for him it wasnt just a game I learned that day...

    2) A great developer started to make a soccer simulator in which comic like figures acted and it was kind of fun...but not to the very unamused soccer community..... They hated it and maybe they are still complaining to present day.. (it was ten years ago:-). Want an advice ? Do not say the wrong thing about soccer over here in europe and youre in kinda of REAL danger... For me its just sports, thrilling but only entertaining.

    I learned it then and I read it every day here, to not so few people, mmorpgs or more than just a game...
    Hey! Showtime ! For me it ever was and will be entertainment but for some its war !

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