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What can I find out?

Goldenfrog35Goldenfrog35 Member Posts: 11

 Im thinking of trying UO. I am a long time MMORPG guy"everything from EQ,AO all the way up to WoW and Eve. What im looking for is freedom and the tools to do whatever I may get into. I dont really care for PVP but really want to be able to explore a huge world. Graphics are ok inm a game but I have played great looking ones that sucked and very bad ones that rocked so its not a deal breaker by any means.

 Im 37 and would like to try and play with a older crowd though the young guys can often be fun to hang with to.


 Is UO the game for me? Is it hell on the Noob just joining now? Guilds that still let Noobs in?


 Also one thing that bugs me is posts ive read in the past saying you MUST skill this way. everyone seems to be at least a part time mage or something. Im thinking of a pure warrior toon. Is this doable?


 The most atractive thing about the game to me so far seems to be the amount of stuff you can build/buy horses,ships,castles,gear ect.. A game with that kind of detail could keep me playing a long time I figure. I tried Vangaurd for that same reason but my computer is NOT on the high end at all and im not going to be upgrading any time soon.


 Thanks for your help!


  • WarsongLSWarsongLS Member Posts: 37

    Long time UO player here.  If you are just into pvm then you will have no problem with UO.  i would suggest that you pick up the 9th anniversary edition for $20.00 or less, if your in the united states.  This edition gives you access to every expansion minus the last 7 to 10 patches.  Or you can go to uoherald.com and get a 14 day trail code.  If you go with the 14 day code you still have to provide a credit card number to activate the account, though you are not charged until your 14 days are up.

    You going to get a lot of hate toward UO on this page.  Yes many things have changed in UO.  Some bad, some good.

    No you do not have to play the same skill set as most other players.  It is totally up to you.  Personally I run a "pure" warrior type character.  Though lately I have trained up a paladin and it is a blast (pvm wise).

    Crafting is screwed up at the this time.  Although you can make some good money crafting,  people do not need to have anything crafted for them since the Age of Shadows.

    If you are really serious, I would suggest that you head over to stratics.com and look up their UO site,  Unfortunately it is the official forums for UO.

    I play on the Lake Superior shard, feel free to drop me a message anytime.

    The graphics are getting a makeover so they will be better, not as good as any current mmorpg, but better as compared to UO as it is now.

  • MacroPlanetMacroPlanet Member UncommonPosts: 1,088
    I say go for it.  Even though you have experienced alot through out the games you have played, you have not yet experienced the magic that comes with UO.  You have not experienced the freedom to do anything you want.  Plus, this is a perfect time to pick up UO, since KR is going to release soon with the graphic update. 

    Alot of elder UO players hate UO now.  Sure, I used to be in that crowd (been playing UO since 1999), but after going through all of the MMO market we have today then going back to UO....I don't hate it any more.  Even though UO isn't the same, it's still pretty damn close to what we've had.  Since you don't like PvP, you won't notice any of these changes much.  Armor and weapons replicate Diablo in a lot of way, but other than that, you still can fish, you still can have the amazing crafting, you still have the awesome treasure hunting, the ship traveling.  This game is magic.  You haven't experienced a true MMo until you try UO. 

    My advice to you is to try the 14 day trial, might as well.  The best shard (server) to go on would probably be Atlantic or Pacific, maybe even Chesapeake.  good luck to you and hope you enjoy it.  Don't let the graphics make you think bad about the game.
  • IsaneIsane Member UncommonPosts: 2,630
    I'm getting more and more tempted to try this out , and remember the good old days!!

    Sorcery must persist, the future is the Citadel 

  • dinanm3atldinanm3atl Member Posts: 215
    sounds like you want to PvM and be carebear :)

    UO is for you!!!! I saw play it from the description you are looking for...

    Old Skool Ultima Online Junky
    Bring back the OLD UO so I can play again

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