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Lvl System

The lvling system sucks  so much it takes years just to get to lvl 20. They just want you to buy exp stones so they make money. Any good MMO will have a lvling system easy to use and will not take a life time to get to a decient lvl


  • Shadow_WolfXShadow_WolfX Member Posts: 2
    man the only time it gets hard is when ur lvl 35+ other then that it's realy easy lvling + most ppl like a challenge
  • peertjuhpeertjuh Member Posts: 23
    lol, agree..

    when lvling becomes easy, the game gets boring faster..
  • deatharcher9deatharcher9 Member UncommonPosts: 6

    yes lvl system is bad , yes too easy game is boring but too hard lvling is like a too easy game VERRy boring  .... the best is to increase the exp to lvl enought fast but not to put the game too easy

    huldoric -> lvl 40 -> common member of LullabyLeague
    LaurentC ->lvl 26 -> Chief of Witches
    Kalonline for 4ever :P
    LullabyLeague and Witches FTW!

  • puregamerpuregamer Member Posts: 4

    challenge you say? lvl 70-71 takes about 1200 hrs yes 1200 hrs!!!! you want to see what people play who cant afford W.O.W?    lvl 1-60  if you play 6-8 hrs a day would take about 18 months to do.60-65 add another year 65-70 add 18 months 70+ GET A LIFE 99% people above lvl 65 are not original owners of account and or share account(both not permitted) so scamming (getting ripped off) is frequent.

  • NagelFireNagelFire Member Posts: 409

    I know a lot of the higher level people in this game used to take all oftheri armor off and stuff when they were sitting around in order to look like noobs and not get hacked.

    The security on this game still suck?


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