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RP (Comments and Ideas)

 I always see everyone complaining about that there is no roleplaying in MMORPG's but they don't seem to be doing anything. Come on people, for there to be roleplay first of all there must be people who roleplay!image In my opinion its not the designers who need to do something about it, its the players. The only thing the designers need to do is to put freedom! Lets take Project Entropia as an example, theres not a single NPC, yet the players have created a fully functional community, but still there is no RP. Honestly, the game with the most RP that I've seen is Starcraft, after it would be Warcraft 3. I know these games are not RPG's but they are costumizable and players have created maps to roleplay. Thus communities originated, and now there are clans and societies based on roleplaying. In my humble opinion Starcraft has more roleplay than EQ, AO, DAoC and L2 all together.image

 I have a proposal to do: if people that have the same game and want to roleplay, meet lets say on this site, and then go play the game, and form like a community they could roleplay withing that community, and have more fun than alone, then maybe, just maybe other players would follow their example and the RPers numbers would slowly increase, then the game designers, seeing it that way, would be able to do something other than leveling for the players, and in the process the games would evolve one step higher, away from their brutish origins.

Please post you opinions and tell me what you think of this idea.

Everything in the world has a reason, but not every reason in the world has its everything.

Everything in the world has a reason, but not every reason in the world has its everything.


  • RazageRazage Member Posts: 53

    That is a good idea, and is done in practice in some games today.

    I think the main problem is that RPers need to be more vocal. Then new players who want to RP can find folks like themselves.

  • GrymGrym Member UncommonPosts: 300

    Once again, if you are interested in Role Play and thinking of playing EQ II, go check out the Role Play Forums on the Sony Player Site. A group of people are talking about trying to make this happen. One woman in particular went so far as to design a web site to support this kind of community. The link is below. It is relatively new and not many people are aware of it yet.

    I admire what she is trying to do and hope it is successful. image


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