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hey there do you know??

ertherth Member Posts: 15
hi do you know that GE is on open beta already you guys should try it, in Granado Espada player are introduce into a new kind of gaming experience the game play is like no other where you can control three characters at the same time

check out my site for some info about the game just click on the link below and you'll see what i mean...


  • AshGUTZAshGUTZ Member Posts: 339

    You wouldn't happen to be advertising would you?

    Considering that's against the rules..

    I understood why you did it in the original post you made at The Pub, but here? This is more like the area people come to so they can discuss features and games they've heard about but have no official information on (something along those lines).


  • ertherth Member Posts: 15
    um nope i just love the game and want others to see it .... sorry if it looked like i was advertising it im an avid fan of mmorpg and this game for me stands out ... it wont happen again
  • AshGUTZAshGUTZ Member Posts: 339

    But, it's not necessarily the game you're advertising, it's your site. I guess it doesn't matter since you don't make a profit. Just seemed kind of like spam.


  • LatinaLatina Member Posts: 53

    Posting useless crap on forums over and over.


    He's not posting this over and over, and it's not useless crap. It's a forum that's dedicated to a beta game. Is that so bad?

    The definition may not be accurate, but hey, spam is useless crap. In this situation, siting a forum isn't useless crap. Maybe some people would actually appreciate it. Though I for one wouldn't visit it.
  • AshGUTZAshGUTZ Member Posts: 339

    Actually, he has posted it a few times. Not just in this area, this is also not the area for it to begin with.

    The urban dictionary is the worst place to go for definitions on words, how about a logical dictionary? Spam is actually sending unwanted advertisements through e-mail, this kind of fit the category but on forums.


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