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Space MMO's

SeNsaToR1337SeNsaToR1337 Member UncommonPosts: 36
Yeah, I like space MMO's and I don't care about graphics. I was thinking about giving this game a shot whilst I wait for my Eve Online training skills to finish, if only I wasn't 96% into my monthly download cap .

 I see a lot of noobs posting crap about this game just because they can't handle the graphics in it. Let me say something to you, has today's generation really become so freakin dumb that they have to have their imagination handed to them on a silver platter. I mean holy crap I think something has to be done when people start judging a game over it's graphics rather than gameplay/playability.



  • HMorganHMorgan Member Posts: 5


    You can join us anytime! :D

  • Ted2of25Ted2of25 Member Posts: 9

    Excuse me but i think ya need ta wake up and realize what century we're in.  While graphics aren't that important to the gameplay there is a status-quo for games in terms of graphics aswell as playability.  Like it or not that's one of the things that makes these games popular.  It's the look of the trailer that gets people to want to try out the game.  It may have spectacular gameplay but as long as they stick with the same old technology the developers won't make any headway in this business.


    You may enjoy the game but that doesn't mean the game reviews will.


  • Daedalus732Daedalus732 Member Posts: 589
    It's always been gameplay before graphics for me, but something has to be pretty damn good gameplay to justify substandard graphics in such a competitive market.
  • jammer777jammer777 Member Posts: 7

    All I can say I've ditched many MMORPGs (made by the so called "big guys") before. I could name at least 10 games that failed to entertain me, including some very big hits and popular games (I don't really want to name them, but it's easy to find out). Of course, I'm not the grinding type, and I'm not entertained by soloing, or by questing scripted things or collecting xp or faction points or money mindlessly. Im after pure adventure, roleplaying, and at least a partially mature community.

    Well, graphics or not, after ditching many games:

    StarQuest - 9months of continous gameplay and I'm just starting to get warmed up :)

  • Ted2of25Ted2of25 Member Posts: 9

    Well i came this close to trying this game out but then i watched the demo and decided it wasn't worth my time.  If at some time they update their graphics engine so it looks a little more modern then i'll give it a shot but right now it looks to me as if their stuck in the past working on a game they just got funding for.


    Sorry but i'll stick with SWG as my sci-fi mmo, atleast until STO comes out.


  • LordconellLordconell Member Posts: 12
    Im going to have to agree. To a point the game does lack graphics true and most players these days look for that. But then agine most players in the market are kids. As for what jammer said this game appels to the Mature crowed. As this has RP and People who dispise RP ive been trying to fix that in this game for 8 months. Thiers also adventor the game doesnt run off of the same script over and over where you know your mission you know exectly whats going to happen no the missions aka assignment as fleet call them are random genarated. So you could be faceing a Astrod or a Starwarrior.  Just forget the Sims 1 looking stuff and just play it to have that taste of adventor. Who knows you may like it i know i did and i played and Owned allmost every MMO relised in the last 6 years.
  • boognish75boognish75 Member UncommonPosts: 1,540

    I still get into a game of tic tac toe or hangman everyonce in awhile, i am patching this game now hope to be playing soon.

    playing eq2 and two worlds

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