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Knights Online.. Open Beta started

drakirdrakir Member UncommonPosts: 51

just whant you guys to know =)

and that is one good mmoRPG i might add




  • OminisOminis Member Posts: 1,015

    It's a good way to kill time, but it can lag pretty bad sometimes...

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  • hawkwindhawkwind Member Posts: 124
    It seems to me that most every game online has at least SOME lag. I hate lag! Lag kills~~~~

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  • AdmiralChaosAdmiralChaos Member Posts: 72

    I really like the game, the first time I played it, totally lag free, had fun goin around killin worms with my mace..

    Than everytime after that the server's lagged so bad :(

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  • SwiftfurySwiftfury Member Posts: 2

    Extremely boring game.  Bland graphics, poor gameplay, uninteresting skill sets.  It *might* have done well if it were released in 1998.  Think Diablo, mmorpg style, except no where near as fun and less interactive. 

    If you enjoy mind-numbing tedium of clicking the same three buttons over and over and over again... then this is the game for you!  Definately not a game for experienced mmorpg'ers.

  • philorthphilorth Member Posts: 10
    u dont like it much then


  • ziberziber Member Posts: 26

    i dont like it too

  • cedoricedori Member Posts: 500

    I had alot of fun testing KO, and I didn't have any problems with lag.  Just a heads up though, I've heard in about 3 weeks there is a possibility that it will go p2p.  So those that are wanting to play and try it out, better do so quick.


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