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All good thing's must come to an end

andresongandresong Member Posts: 1

imageWell after playing ENB for a year and some change I am so sad to see it go.

the content was grate but EA killed it and now it's in it's final death twitchimageimageimage

 This has made people so angery they are using the market chat as their VENT your anger at the DEV's , and let's try to save the GAME ralley, But all to no avail, the game is Dead, and will stop moving on 22 of Septeber





  • wizardpetewizardpete Member Posts: 28


    They could have done so much with E&B with the proper support and marketing. EA just chose not to. In doing so they got a real load of very very angry customers that will not buy any EA stufs SOON(TM).

    Also very sorry to see the game go. I will park my TT on Shakti Pleasure Moon at that time and just fade away when the time comes.

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  • autodestructautodestruct Member Posts: 5

    Aye Im really gonna miss this game as was the first MMORPG i actually stayed with.  Seems to me that EA didn't know what an awesome storyline they had and if had marketed it correctly would have reaped in the cash.


    What other MMORPG had such a rich storyline after reading all the things that "could have happened" from Ceredith's storyline manuals.


    Feel I was kinda spoiled in this game and hoped it wont ruin other gaming experiences


    Ohh ya and EA bitesimage

  • jaidenjaiden Member Posts: 35

    well it is really bad what they are doing here....... Larry probst drops a great game in the dumpster and at the same time he must of dropped his approval rating it was only 19% in april....... i couldnt wait to get home an play this game ever day!
    plus i barely stumbbled on to enb while doind a science project on earth and ive palyed it now for 4 months and i play to park my TT darkblade at pleasure moon.... ill see you there..... but if it really does go down then we should have a massive party at joves set up some private channels and let people have a chance to get phone numbers aand switch to other games with each other...... earth & beyond was the greatest thing i have ever seen! the game had so much potential.... and even if they dont reconsider plzsssssss activate the other ships cause if they do ill start a terran scout immediately!

    its sad to see a great piece of work and all that money go drifting off into space...........

    plzs if you see this post go to and help the fight......

    enbhaven is a very dedicated site in terms off buying enb........
    enbhaven does not post any stries to embarass EA, and enbhaven does not support those who will post violent and rude messages..... on the site....... thxs for your support...... and if it does not work i say every player that plays enb on the last day we should have a bowl raid all lvls aloud lvl 1-150+ i would love to the remaning 500-1000 players that are on every day in a massive bowl raid.....

    till that times see ya

    just my 2 cents

    SAVE ENB! so another generation of players and live
    the dream!

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    Earth and Beyond: shut down *tear*
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  • sharkdaddysharkdaddy Member Posts: 22

    Earth and Beyond will be a very hard game for me to forget. From day one me and my two buddies started it together, one of my buddie gave up on it around level fifty. other buddie played it for about 9 months on and off. I myself was really into it. I really like everything about the game,the game play just grabbed me.Also different music for all the charther classes, amount of different weapons, skills, items. E&B just rocked ! Also i had alot of fun with the people in the game.

    Well anyway for all those old school players on Orion Server im sure you would remember my main alt Deadoralive and my class act guild S.O.D

    P.S im hoping someday there will be another sci-fi mmorpg like E&B, and it would be nice to see if EA would sell the source code. if they do i hope the new owners do it right, with and new game name and advertising dedication.

    For now ... see you guys in World Of Warcraft !



  • AnnekynnAnnekynn Member Posts: 1,437
    I played this game for the first 30 free days (which I started after the first big patch). In that 30 days I got to level 105 and had explored 95% of the galaxy. My days were delegated to either camping the few high level spots that were chock full of people or doing massively repetitive missions from the damn terminals. What good is an mmrpg that has 30 days worth of content? Heck in AC1 after 11 months I STILL had not seen everything there was to see. In E&B you 'beat' the game on your first free month! Maybe if this game had something called CONTENT it would have retained a lot more players like yours truly and might have avoided the axe.
  • sharkdaddysharkdaddy Member Posts: 22

    30 days  lvl 105  ?  you were still a noob, you have no idea what when on in that game untill you were lvl 140 atleast.  BTW lvl 1 - 115 could be done in 2 weeks lvl 115  - 150 might take alittle longer... but who care HURRY  HURRY level as fast as you can ENJOY the game.  lol

    AC and E&B are 2 different games

    P.S define defeat ?  what mobs and what bosses and what epic's and what quest did you DEFEAT at lvl 105 ?

    LMAO  NOOB !




  • ArgeanArgean Member Posts: 126

    True the real fun started after you hit L140. Not to say that getting there was not fun. But to play with the big boys you needed L9 weaps and shields. And yes I do know what I'm talking about. I have leveled a couple chars past L140. But the part that made the game for me the most was guildmates and the community.

    Fiery Vengeance guild
    Orion server



  • sharkdaddysharkdaddy Member Posts: 22
    Amen Argean  image



  • AnnekynnAnnekynn Member Posts: 1,437

    "True the real fun started after you hit L140"

    And thats why the game is dead. Any game that gives you the 'real fun' after youve suffered through 140 levels of powerleveling is not a good game. Its the same nonsense as lineage 2. Yes, level your character to level 60+ and wait 3-6 months for the 'real fun' to begin. Whatever.

    I may not have seen absolutely EVERYTHING at level 105, but ive seen MOST, and what was left was a few high level areas that were severely camped and mission terminals, which too were severely camped. The game had a tremendous lack of high level content, and the devs were just then working on creating the TOOLS they needed to add high level content. What kind of design concept is that?

    R.I.P E&B

  • sharkdaddysharkdaddy Member Posts: 22

    Annex1, ok you hate E&B we all see that from your post, but it seems like you have some real issues about the game. You hate it so much that it kills you inside because many of us E&B fans love it. Im wondering if you need some kind of help, these issues may effect you in life. Get out more and explore the world. or have you seen most of that also ?

    As far as why you really hate E&B im going to make a few guesses. Maybe you bought a garbage account of Ebay then EA anounced they were pulling the plug. Maybe you were such a jerk that no one would power level you for free so you bought credits of Ebay. Maybe all your friends played the game and they were higher level then you and had better loot then you, so you gave up and went back to play your little fat dwarf in Asheron's Call. Maybe you are on dial up and all the jobs were gone before you could even click on one. Maybe you made a Terren and put all your skill points on beams. Maybe you made a Progen Sentenal and you are such a jerk that no one wanted to build your ammo for you. And for the same fact maybe no one wanted to take you out hunting, exploring, missions , mining or whatever. Maybe you had a guild leader that was such a prick that he or she used you for your noob loot. What ever your reasons are for hating on E&B might be listed above or maybe not. If you want i'll keep guessing.

    As far as the other crap you posted Annex1, Tremendous lack of content ? what do you expect your level 105. Your just a noob ! You have many more missions to do, you have much more to explore, you have alot more combat to do, ohh wait your done with combat because you were power leveled. A level 105 alt that has 50 of those levels in combat probly would sux 2 play maybe thats why you hate E&B.

    I myself really had a blast being a noob until about level 95 then i knew i had to do jobs, but hey i had in game friends that were Jenquai Explorers and i just bought a wormhole off them and it made my game that much more fun.

    Ok, ok now you say the dev's were just working on creating tools they needed for high level content ? ::::12:: Hey Annex1 high level content was in the game since day one. And more and more of it was being patched every month or 2. Though they were many times where we did not see a good patch, but hey all we could do is wait another month and hope we get another one, also remember Westwood was sold 2 EA and EA also had 2 move the dev headcorders 2 another location across the country. ::::06:: Also the last 3 or 4 patches were very good they added so much new content that it took a month for people 2 figure it out such as, missions, mob drops , new weapons, epic battles and quest let me throw one at you... get ready its a fast ball. McQuckin... how do you get him 2 spawn where do he spawn at. And it took a while for the whole server 2 figure that one out. Also there was plenty of high level content for us real high level players ohh and high level is level 135 + not level 105. Vrix raids and Epics , Tada O raids, Fish bowl raids , Ardus raids , Red Dragon base raid , Red Dragon Controller raid , Ardus Raids , Bullywere Raids , Tempist raids , Amah Raids and all the other raids and quest i did'nt list. the last 6 months of E&B was very fun for me, and im sure many others. Once they announced it was shuting down most of us left because we did'nt want 2 see her die before our very eyes. But many are still there today sticking it out like true warriors waiting 2 see the death of their love.

    So Annex1, I hope you R.I.P You Power leveled Noob ! This ones 4 you...

    Earth and Beyond will always be in our hearts and memories.

    Tada O



  • AnnekynnAnnekynn Member Posts: 1,437

    I didnt ebay an account, nor was I powerleveled. I purchased the game shortly after the first big patch came out and leveled myself to 105 all while helping a few others level aswell. The game engine, graphics and community were all just fine. The game content was not. I had visited every star system, explored every location. I had done all the quests, done all the missions. All that was left for me, literarily, was to either a) visit the few high level areas that existed and try to suffer through the campfest as everyone rushed to kill the same mobs or b) run from mission terminal to mission terminal, doing the exact same few 'best' missions with endless reptetition, trying to get the missions before the other dozen or so people standing around the terminal picked them up. Both scenarios were completely unfun.

    I hate this game for one simple reason: I REALLY wanted to love this game, im a huge space freak, but this game let me down like no other. After 30 days I had seen and done 90%+ of what there was to do, and all that I had to look forward to was waiting months for the devs to add content. Im happy for you that you had the patience to wait that long for new stuff to come "every month or two", however to some of us that was completely unacceptable. Any mmrpg that starts off with 30 days worth of content isnt going to retain many of its customers, and im sure im not the only one that played E&B and said farewell. And with the game going down under, which wouldnt have happened if the players stayed, if my assesment of the game is wrong id be interested in hearing why you think the game flopped.

  • XxKenjixXXxKenjixX Member Posts: 7

    Being there at the beta and at the launch, I'm sad to see my favorite MMO go.

    I only had one character, and yet even through all this time, I only made it to lvl 47 TE.

    The only thing garunteed in life is death.

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