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Shiva expansion revealed

HeartlandHeartland Member Posts: 103
CCP have posted numerous pages detailing the upcoming Shiva patch/expansion. Go here for interesting stuff on destroyers, battlecruisers, level 4 agents and many other things, such as procuring Sansha ships through the Black Market, for example...  image


  • cjonescjones Member Posts: 5

    lol I just logged on to post this exact same topic image

    guess I'll settle for bumbing it


    he he he


    omnia mors aequat


    omnia mors aequat


  • CarlsbergCarlsberg Member Posts: 6

    This new expansion will rock. It takes the few drawbacks away from the game. So for me it make some major chance to become in top 5 ever of space games like ELTIE,...

    This expansion will give some real boost to the gameplay as there will be more combat,defending position and greater need of job choice by specializing in the 100+ skills as to become master in somthing it can take some time.

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