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MMORPG pkers anonymous

//\//\oo//\//\oo Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 2,767

Perhaps the most exciting thing in a game, to some people, is exploiting certain features to annoy the hell out of other players.

I happen to belong to the latter set. 

I am not talking about 3rd party exploits, like the diablo2 color hack or other mmorpg bots, but utter, legistically sound, cheapness, for instance:

Back in NWN (when it was still fresh) there had been a training area for new players. 

It was supposedly a roleplaying server, but all I heard was "lol", "rofl", or d00d comments, despite the strict warnings from the GMS.

Rationializing my sadistic nature, I set to purge the server of all of the illiterate, pre-teen, scum in the area.

Upon logging into the world you were warped into a non-pvp zone. I also noticed that the familiars of the sorc/wiz profession were relatively powerful, even compared to their orc-warrior counter parts. So,....

I chose a dark-skinned race and hid in the shadows, while I possessed my minion to exit the entrance-nonpvp-area and enter the training area.

At first, I decided to simply annoy the initiate, none-roleplayers with the creature ejaculations (the imp one is especially annoying), trying to bate them into the first attack. Eventually, I gave up and used hit and run tactics with my imp.

I deftly used hit-and-run tactics and massacred entire groups of lvl 1-5 players with a lvl 1 familiar. When my familiar was inevitably killed I simply regained control of my character, rested, then unleashed another wave after waiting for another 10-15 minutes.

After a month or so the GM finally caught on and banned me. Before I was banned, however, I got a band of loyal followers to carry on my regime image.


In AO, my friend and I would mesmerize one of the most powerful sewer bosses and bring him to the top of the maze (where all of the low lvls were) and savor the carnage.

The entire sewer seemed to be barren for almost one hour as a result. GM stepped in and resolved the mess. Thankfully, we suffered no repercussions. 

"Oh, what sad times are these when passing ruffians can say 'ni' at will to old ladies. There is a pestilence upon this land. Nothing is sacred."

This is a sequence of characters intended to produce some profound mental effect, but it has failed.



  • ianubisiianubisi Member Posts: 4,201

    You are the reason I don't like PvP in games.

  • LotariousLotarious Member Posts: 85

    Griefer like you give PvP a bad name :(

  • UmbroodUmbrood Member UncommonPosts: 1,809

    Well there is probably nothing I can say or do to you that the other childrens or your family has not allready done or said, and you have my sympathies for how the world has threated you. Sadly the world has winners and losers and unfortunatly you were dealt a poor hand, or arent even playing with a full deck. Word of advice though, the short bursts of joy you recieve from inflicting harm unto others are shortlived and not at all real.

    The world looks as it does because of people like you, and we are all to blame i guess, for showing your head in the toilet or kicking sand in your face at the beach, I apologize for that on everyones behalf hoping it will make a difference.


    Originally posted by Jerek_

    I wonder if you honestly even believe what you type, or if you live in a made up world of facts.

  • KeiiKeii Member Posts: 67
    Personally, that is why I hate PVP games, and I find the latter thing to be completely awful.  But...when it comes to the first thing, well...I myself am entirely sick of sad preteens who play MMORPG's, name themselves "Sephiroth007", "Eva-Unit3", and "Poop D00d," and cannot type worth a crap... (Let's note it's okay if you just can't type because it's not in your skill range, or you don't speak English as your main language, but some people are just stupid about it. ;)  )  I don't condone torturing them, but there's an evil thing inside of me that gets a bit of pleasure from reading that.  I'll promptly kill it and continue shaking my finger at you. ;P

  • DustyBallzDustyBallz Member Posts: 152

    You take fun in ruining other players' gaming experience? I'd love to meet you in person and show you what I think of your sorry sort. See how it feels when it's real, punk. I have absolutely no symapthy for you and for whatever made you this way, because you have the whole rest of your pathetic life to be mad at the world and feel sorry for yourself.

    MMORPG -- Where's the RP?

    MMORPG -- Where's the RP?

  • LordDaemonLordDaemon Member Posts: 68

    I don't like you..... your those cheap ass punks that say ya i kill all these noobs and now i'm the man. When you play pvp step up and battle someone that is actually challenging not ruin the game for people that just want to play or learn to play. Either fight in a pvp zone or a pvp server or anything where people will turn around and smash you for being so cheap.

    You know what sneaky tactics in pvp are good, crappy loser kill noob tactics are gay. Be an assasin, theif or whatever hide in the shadows wait for someone to pass by unaware of your presence and slip a dagger between his ribs, it suits that character and is fine, be a warrior and waltz around and clober anyone you feel fit to, be a mage and turn em into dust, don't be cheap and fight people that actually will put up a fight, or if they're highly twinked smash em and loot but whats the point in killin people that are just tryin to play the game.

    In AO you said you took your character charmed the mob and killed people good for you wheres the challenge or finesse go and make your character know for something other than being a cheap ass.

    In UO i was a mage, i think, and i stood in the middle of the forest and demanded a toll for people to pass, pay the toll or die if your an average player, if your a noob or lowbie help him out or take him under your wing and teach him something not ruin his gaming experience. But you could always turn around and go a different route or you could try and kill me which happens to the best of us.

    But the point is if your gonna pk people don't be cheap and ruin a newbies gaming experience.

  • OrccOrcc Member Posts: 3,043
    Ya pretty dumb, but very funny none the less! :D great job in AO thats pretty funny :p

  • RazageRazage Member Posts: 53

    True that what he's doing is pretty damn mean. However the nature of PvP is generally to be an ass. I mean all I ever hear from any PvP community is: "LOLOLOLOLOLOL I pwnzored j00, I R Ubar 1337. LOLOLOLOLOLROFL U SUCK."

    I think that the majority of folks that play Counterstrike/PvP in MMORPG's just need a lesson in sportsmanship and this whole thing would just go away.

    The reason the world is what it is today is because most people, much like the poster of this thread, just don't care about others. I'm sure everyone who's posted thus far, and including myself, are guilty of the same thing. Don't be so quick to condemn him, lest you condemn yourselves.

    This dosn't mean we can't improve, just avoid being a dink when competing with people and even help your adversaries instead of keeping them down. You might find it to be a rewarding experiance and maybe a challange. Corporations do it all the time, Mac OS X was almost half coded by Microsoft staff. It's not like this dosn't happen in the real world, so it should be applicable to a game world too.

    *Razage gets off his soap box now*

  • ColdmeatColdmeat Member UncommonPosts: 3,407

    The real irony here is that he is the same guy screaming bloody murder about someone making a racist comment by saying that the asian players in FFXI had 'unfriendly playstyles'.

    I will now proceed to laugh myself into an apoplectic fit ::::02::

    Now that I have that out of my system, people like him are the best part of pvp. They have no actual skill, so they do things like charm a boss mob in a dungeon they shouldn't even be in, and bring it up to the front of the dungeon and let it loose. Sounds like one of the tools in EQ that would use the charm exploit, where you would charm a rat, bat or whatever in the newbie area of a town, then have it attack someone, and the guards would kill the person, which would cause them to lose xp.

    And when you eventually catch them, killing them is the sweetest experience ever. The only thing better than that is the stream of hate tells that follow their demise. Nothing in the world is as funny as having my sexuality question by some total gibbering mouthbreather that can't even differentiate between you're and your.

    So kudos to Moo, and keep up the excellent work.

    Odi profanum vulgus et arceo

  • digitydarkmandigitydarkman Member Posts: 2,194
    PKing is the best, thats really all i gotta say


  • ObiyerObiyer Member Posts: 511

    LOL, MOO!

    I love this, those guys deserved it! Wtg!

    Stupid wankers deserve to get pked over and over again.

  • LimzarothLimzaroth Member Posts: 10

    LOL* forgive me if this sounds rude or anything but most of u guys are just as bad as MOO. (Moo ur a legend and without people like u there would be no challenge in MMORPG's today) I mean wat gives u people the right to Point Fingers and Critisize him?

    Exactly. U have no right. if not he has just as much right to pk and u people have to critisize.

    I Personally Love to PK. LOL* i just love the reaction from people when i treaten to OWN them as it is known as. People take it way too seriously and start acting as if their actual lives were in danger. But i help Noobz. I Only attack if the Oponent actually had a chance in the first place. Whether its the Chance to Run, Hide, or Beat me Fair And Square, Or if they had a hidden advantage they didn't realise. But if its a noob i will let em slide and maybe give them a bit of gold to start em off. then if they come back when they are in my league i might take em out :P We will have no1 to play with later on if we take out all the newbies. Dont want to RUIN the game.

    well thats my 0.2c LOL* and i stand by wat i sed. without PK or P2P MMORPG's are no challenge to veteran game players at all.



  • LimzarothLimzaroth Member Posts: 10

    LOL* just noticed several mistakes in my post. type to fast and dont read thru it. LOL* and since u people seem to Dislike people who arent petty and dont care about if they are spelling correctly i will correct them now before u start on me. LOL*


    Peace out. And happy Pking =P



  • herculeshercules Member UncommonPosts: 4,923

    Erm the original poster is only going around griefing newbies and using aggro to pk people.

    I am sure most true fans of pvp would hate this guys action more then pve fans.Reason been he is giving a bad name to a genre that already has a bad name and many developers are shying from as it is.

    This is indeed the kind of behaviour that gives pvp a bad name and spoils the fun for others.

    Yes i am sure the developers prefer this guys $15 a month more then the 10 newbies $150 a month when he griefs them so much that they cancel.

    Because his $15 is autographed by Brad Pittimage

    It is exactly this behaviour that drove UO to change their game .


  • AprillyAprilly Member UncommonPosts: 124
    Moo there is a special place in HELL waiting for you.

    That which does not kill you only makes you stronger.

  • ValaraukValarauk Member Posts: 303

    Players like Moo are the reason MMORPG's are fun, AI as it exists today simply can't challenge an intelligent player's abilities.

    Hats off to the hunters of the MMORPG world.

    *Recovering Evercrack Addict*
    -Currently on Shadowbane's Vengence Server-
    Valarian- Aelfborn Archer Warriorr5

    WARNING: Spelling and grammatical errors intentionally left in document to test for Anal Retentive Trolls.

    "The key to wasting time is distraction. Without distractions it's too obvious to your brain that you're not doing anything with it, and you start to feel uncomfortable." - Paul Graham

  • flabairflabair Member Posts: 188

    i for one dont like pvp. seems the ones that say I OWN YOU are the ones in UO that sit at the healers in town killing the ppl being rezed, then struting around saying i owned ya, man killed him in 1 hit. did you see me chase him down. all i can say to yall is man what losers

  • AzzazzimonAzzazzimon Member UncommonPosts: 211

    Good that most MMORPGs doesn't allow that kind of griefing of the first poster so he usually get banned before he ruin for too many people.


    Real PKillers are great and can be alot of fun, people like MOO that have to use exploit/gain macanic in wrong way to kill people are just sad. 



  • herculeshercules Member UncommonPosts: 4,923

    Originally posted by Valarauk

    Players like Moo are the reason MMORPG's are fun, AI as it exists today simply can't challenge an intelligent player's abilities.
    Hats off to the hunters of the MMORPG world.

    *Recovering Evercrack Addict*
    -Currently on Shadowbane's Vengence Server-
    Valarian- Aelfborn Archer Warriorr5

    Try reading the post before you comment.This has nothing to do with pvp or pve or AI intellience or players intelligence or twitch.

    No matter how intelligent or skillful a player is there is no way a newbie can defeat a veteran player much higher in gear or levels.Of course if you are one of those that think a 30 year old that beat up a 3 year old was good fun and showed better fighting skills then there is little more i can say to you.

    Training mobs on a person engaged in a battle has little to do with skills whatsoever.Whats the big skill  in aggroing a mob and run the hell of of there and dropping it on an unaware of the incoming danger.In short in many games this is an offense that could lead you to be banned and for good reason.

    The only reason i can see for supporting this type of behaviour is if you are guilty of it yourself.More then 90% of those that posted seems to think its unacceptable behaviour hehe.

  • blacksacblacksac Member Posts: 1,045
    Killing the Strong is Cool, murdering the weak is not image

  • SelekSelek Member Posts: 236

    PvP is a great thing, when done correctly.

    Killing someone who has no chance of winning the fight is low class and if you pick on the weak you are just a pussy yourself. If you PK people of enemy factions its all good. But in most "pvp games" its just random PK crap where losers like Moo exploit the system.

    Good examples of pvp are Shadowbane and Neocron. In shadowbane I can walk around feeling somewhat safe knowing that I usually won't get attacked unless the attacker is of a enemy guild/nation. Or in Neocron all pvp is faction based. If you PK a noob in the noob grounds your "soullight" goes red and you drop all your items. But if you attack someone of a enemy faction anywhere else you gain soullight.

    Bad examples are Tibia and UO. in Tibia its chaos and PKing is nonstop and totally random. same for UO.



  • ianubisiianubisi Member Posts: 4,201

    Originally posted by blacksac
    Killing the Strong is Cool, murdering the weak is not


  • ReverendDanReverendDan Member Posts: 115

    Looks like what we're actually talking about here (but not directly mentioning) is an old-fasioned concept called honour. Sadly it's no more popular online than it is in real life - I'm starting to think it's only wierdos like me who read fantasy as a kid who got fooled into believing it ever existed...

  • BotenBoten Member Posts: 2

    If you kill the strong you would either die or get deleted. You are so dumb. Kill a strong pplayers in groups so that you do not die as easily.


  • MeddigarMeddigar Member Posts: 19

    As usual its easier to destroy than to build, but....
    If pk is possible in an ugly way the game and its designers are the original to flame for it !
    If done correctly its much fun! And bringing an big mob to a place where lowlevel are and to manage doing it is a creative way for having fun. If i where killed by such an incident i would laugh and tell others about the idea... it makes the world go round.
    Correct way were a) to call highlvl for help or b) the GM if failing in this.
    If PK is possible it should be done by the game designers correct and not as in so many games in a bad way. In Camelot is ok, if i dont want pvp i do not leave my realm. end of discussion.
    In l2 its done crazy bad... but i dont play such a game any longer and stopped it, my decision or live with it..
    Real combat is done in pvp not to mobs and i understand that a lot of players are attracted to be really evil in this game and why not ? I dont play this and if the game protects me all is good.

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