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Shadowbane Korea

tboxtbox Member Posts: 372

I remember  a different version of shadowbane being in development in korea.

This was a while ago

Any word on the game now and has anyone tried it?


  • danmccooeydanmccooey Member Posts: 30

    It was shut down 3 years ago.  Didn't last long at all.  It was pretty cool to see some of the little differences they put in the Asian version vs the North American version.

  • tboxtbox Member Posts: 372
    Thats sb Asia not shadowbane korea. But thanks for the reply!
  • danmccooeydanmccooey Member Posts: 30

    Ah, I forgot Korea was part of some differnt continent.  So stupid of me.

    There were only 2 versions released. 1 distributed and maintained by Ubisoft for North America and EU.  1 by a company called En-Tranz for Asia.


    Hmm... seems the link I put up may not work as well.  Anyway, the developer was a company called TALDREN which has since closed down.

  • DubonEngevenDubonEngeven Member Posts: 96
    Shadowbane is slowly becoming an Asian game. Not that theres anything wrong with it, but most of them seem imperialistic... very aggresive and loyal, making it hard to stop them.


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