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Best Class/Race Combinations???

XiacbXiacb Member Posts: 51
I recently started playing Everquest 2 and was wondering what the best class/race combos. I played EQ for a loooooooong time (65 druid) and was wondering if they are the same, Iksar-necro, Ogre-warrior, high priest/dwarf-cleric, etc. (Don't really remember if these were good combos, just giving an example)

Also, what would be a good server for a low level to be able to find groups?




  • HardwareGuyHardwareGuy Member UncommonPosts: 64
    Honestly, unless you are a number cruncher, you wont be able to tell much difference. I would play what race/class you think looks good and has your playstyle. Most will say the same im sure.

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  • olddaddyolddaddy Member Posts: 3,356

    Of more importance is to look at your adventuring/crafting combination. For example, playing a plate tank and a tailor may not be a good combination for you, as you cannot make either your own armor, weapons, or skill upgrades.

    Just a point to consider.


  • XiacbXiacb Member Posts: 51
    Hmm sounds a lot different than EQ can someone go into more depth on that
  • liraelsfireliraelsfire Member Posts: 13

    For the answer to your second question, at this point of time any server would be great for low level players but I personally would recommend Antonia Bayle which has approximately 76,000 players.


  • XiacbXiacb Member Posts: 51
    What about class/profession combos then? (and i am a number puncher so if anyone has race/class combos I'd appreciate that too )


  • CeohaiCeohai Member Posts: 305
    Races just determine starting stats and racial abilities, this site has the starting stats listed:

    Racial abilities are for the most part useless, and definitely aren't important enough make someone change their mind about a race.
  • FlemFlem Member UncommonPosts: 2,868

    Te be honest there is no difference in Race/Class combo.  Play what you want and what you like the look of.  All races start off with differing states (ie. Ogres with more Strength), but really its trivial once you get past the newb levels.  Ive seen two Berserkers one a gnome and one a troll and the Gnome had more Stamina and Strength than the Troll. 

    Basically its all about the gear you get and how you set up your achievement points etc. 


  • RaduerielRadueriel Member Posts: 57
    Gnome berserker  ...LOL  too funny. Must be crazy fun though!  I have a human fury and a froglok monk and the only difference I see is what gear there allowed to use and wear. There is alot of gear that adds to your stats and you get AA's and other lvl bonuses. You can really play any combo as you wish.
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