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Rappelz: Epic III Expansion

StraddenStradden Managing EditorMember CommonPosts: 6,696

On December 20th, Rappelz announced their Epic III expansion which offers a number of changes to the game, notably: changes to their gameply, enhanced PvP and new content.

The Rappelz team is proud to announce the release of Rappelz Epic III Expansion! The expansion became available to play for free on December 20th.

The Rappelz Epic III Expansion will represent our largest addition of new game content and new features to date. Epic III will offer many new changes to Rappelz including: new content, gameplay changes, and enhanced PVP system.

In the Epic III Expansion, players will encounter new challenges and dangers in the form of new areas, quests, new dungeons for lower level users, never-before-seen monsters/raid bosses, and much more.

Also, with the Epic III Expansion the gameplay speed has been increased tremendously to make Rappelz feel like a more fast-paced and action oriented game.

In addition to the changes mentioned above, all in-game prices of equipments have been lowered; lots of new items including helms and cloaks will be available in the item shop, and immorality point decreasing items will make PVP more exciting and fun!

To prepare for the Rappelz Epic III Expansion, you will need to re-install your Rappelz client (After the 20th you will not be able to use the old Rappelz client to play). You can check out the full patch note and download the Rappelz Epic III client by visiting http://rappelz.gpotato.com.
See you in Rappelz!

Read more on Rappelz here.

Jon Wood
Managing Editor


  • GarrikGarrik Member UncommonPosts: 951

    Awesome, iv been playing Epic 3 for a while now and its far better than the previous versions, im having a great time on this game its actually pretty damn addictive.

    I recommend this game to anyone who wants a fun free game, its better than some of the p2p games imo.

    Thanks alot



    Waiting for:

    Lineage Eternal

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  • herbalcomradherbalcomrad Member Posts: 22
    I agree, this game is very good for F2P
  • KbobKbob Member Posts: 81
    Is Epic 3 an expansion to rappelz, or a new client?
  • loneravenloneraven Member Posts: 5
    This game would be better if there wasnt a dogfight for each monster in a lot of areas...

    In saying that, the gameplay and graphics are definitely a cut above most other free MMORPGs
  • drkalliancedrkalliance Member Posts: 25
    Epic 3...awesome its just that its really a grinding hell =.=...

    and yes the graphics are awesome for a free online game i must admit
  • WolfaxeWolfaxe Member Posts: 3


     I agree about the pain of dogfighting for some of the specific quest monsters being a pain however I've found if one is willing to ask that if others after the same thing are paying attention its not that hard to get into a group and all jump it. In some quests thats about the only way to do things. Once you in a guild its usually easy to get others to group with you to finish quests since the guild wants everyone advancing enough to do the dungeons anyways.

  • devNdevN Member Posts: 11
    cool new expansion
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