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Can u tell me what is yours top 5 MMORPG`s you played ????



My is  : 1) Silkroad

           2) Eve

           3) Kal

           4) Anarchy

           5) Dofus


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  • EichenkatzeEichenkatze Member Posts: 340
    Top 5 for me

    1) pre-CU SWG

    -I say this because it was the game i played the longest without break or quitting. its total of 3 years from beta and launch. Never got old. I loved the game and its community.

    2) Earth and Beyond

    -It was my first MMO experience and i loved it.

    3)Ultima Online

    - Classic, fun, old-school days when it was all great fun. I remember going from EaB to UO and going "This sucks.." but then fell in love!


    - Alot of people think the game still sucks, but for some reason it found a small place in my heart. A small david in a world full of goliaths... although David didn't knock the giant this time and really got crushed. They did try, and it was an interesting beta.

    5) World of Warcraft

    - As much as I hate this game right now, i have to give credit where it is due. WoW, although it got old was a fun experience during its first year and when i found friends that played it, it got even better for a while. But also got old pretty fast. I still sometimes miss my Troll Shaman.

    Everquest - 2000 - '02
    Anarchy Online - '01-'02
    Earth and Beyond - '02-'04
    Star Wars Galaxies - '03-'06('07)
    World of Warcraft - '04-'07
    Age of Conan - '08 - shelved.
    -Waiting on-
    Star Trek Online
    SW: The Old Republic

  • AmaraoAmarao Member UncommonPosts: 650
    1. Lineage II (has brought me back the most.)

    2. PSO (first mmo, love it strong)

    3. MxO (Loved it SOO much, but at that time it was so bugged it actually made me reformat,

    would love to go back but apparently its dead :P)

    4. FFXI (can be fun, but I like to at least have the ability to solo)

    5. PSU (mindless fun that gets boring fast. Killed my first mmo experience (PSO))
  • AZAlex86AZAlex86 Member UncommonPosts: 156
    1) Ultima Online (Pre-T2A) -- Had everything people want in MMOs today...

    2) EverQuest (Pre-Luclin) -- What can I say? My first, first-person mmo., so I have a natural love. Beyond that, the community was fantastic, and the game felt like a real world, and not a few landscapes patched together.

    3) Shadowbane -- Absolutely buggy as hell, in fact I stopped playing 2 months into release. Why have this on my top 5? Because it let you build your own castles and SIEGE. Incredibly intuitive, poorly executed.

    4) World of Warcraft -- After years in it, it got boring because it offered the same material over and over and over again. Worst *overall* community out of the MMOs I have experienced. Incredible times at the beginning, however, before it was all about phat lewts; very fun in short spurts of time. Brought a lot of people into the genre which will only help the development of MMOs in the future.

    5) EVE Online -- The latest choice in my gaming. Player driven. Sure there were some events that happened about "dev-cheating", but this does not effect the core gameplay, and ONLY effected a small amount of the community. The game itself offers a lot...a single universe, so you do not feel claustrophobic; the only game to actually raise my heartbeat during PVP because you actually have things to lose.

    *Notable 6th place -- City of Heroes/Villains -- Great action packed MMO with one of, if not, the best character customization I've seen. You really feel that your character IS YOUR CHARACTER. Lack of content, but great in spurts.
  • airborne519airborne519 Member Posts: 542

    1.SWG Pre-Nge

    2.Earth and Beyond

    3.City of Heroes/Villains

    Tried many but never got past trial period. I only pay for the ones I felt deserved my hard earned money.


  • GlacianNexGlacianNex Member UncommonPosts: 612
    Ultima Online (Pre-Trammel) - not a single game has yet to come to a level to claim my dedication as this game has. It was truly a master piece, that combined so many different features that were not replicated by anyone for 6 - 7 years since its release. Let alone the grandest skill system, that has yet to be replicated by any game.

    EVE Online - Sandbox, open PVP, player driven economy and a whole lot of space to fight over. What else can you possibly want?

    SWG (Pre NGE) - First time since Ultima did houses have a meaning again, player driven economy, many PVP battles and a system in place that actually ensured that one side would a battle between 100 vs 100 people armies. Sony then had to screw it up....

    Dark Ages of Camelot - RvR was very fun, especially if it was well organized.

    World of Warcraft - I got to say levels 1 - 59 was fun, at 60 I didn't have 6 hours to go raiding for better gear, nor was I interested in it. Battlegrounds were nice for the first  2 - 3 weeks, then they became farm grounds where people would just farm them for faction.
  • nomadienomadie Member UncommonPosts: 146

    1. Everquest 8 years going strong.

    2. Vanguard Saga Of Heroes

    3. Lord Of The RIngs Online Usa.

    4. Perfect World.

    5. Pirates Of the Caribbean Online.

  • nomadiannomadian Member Posts: 3,490

    1. Everquest -could be masochistic but there was something very right about EQ pre PoP

    2. Asheron's Call 2 -had really nice environments in places, suffered from a bit of a poor design.

    3. WoW - Disappointed me from a warcraft and mmorpg background but had some good polish and the Battlegrounds I found fun.

  • coffeecoffee Member Posts: 2,007
    1. WoW - The first game that felt finished & polished and that I did not have to spend hours on forums and ingame asking how to go do things becuase of a poor UI or NPC instructions. Great gfx, models and enviroments for the time that still hold up even today. Easy to get into and challenging if you look for it, 10man ZG (b4 TBC) and 25man MC (b4 TBC) keeped me playing.  Best PvP (IMHO) with fast action although no real purpose yet.  I wish blizzard took a few more risks with the expansion.

    2. COH - Played in Beta for 2 months, was a fun game getting new powers etc but I just felt it lack varity and at the time there was no PvP, crafting, Auction house etc so felt shollow and didn't see a reason to play out of beta, recently downloaded the 14 day trial but so far not seen much different from when I played in beta.

    3. AO - The first MMO I played seriously, a realy awful UI made it a nightmare at first, never found it easy to get groups going, but I was a fun game.

    4. Guildwars - Is it a MMO? well kinda, but I found it a little too single player'esc, I pickup it up while still playing WoW so the contrast from WoW open world to GW closed world was hard to ajust too, I played it for the PvP but I was very dissapoined with that, so many restrictions in movment and enviroment... gfx are nice though... Bring on GW2.

    5. DnD - First few months was great I liked that I could dodge attacks etc but the fun only lasted a few months due to lack of things to do and being in a instanced world, lots of additions since I played so I might pick it up again some time.


  • terrorantulaterrorantula Member Posts: 174

    Only one i can say i liked was SWG where as all the rest i played for a little bit then quit.


    SWG:  June 2003 - early 2004


  • TranquilityTranquility Member Posts: 171
    1. Ultima Online (played 3 years)

    2. Dark Age of Camelot (played 1,5 years)

    3. World of Warcraft (played 3 months)

    4. Star Wars Galaxies (played 2 months)

    5. Everquest 2 (Played a month)

  • xpiredxpired Member Posts: 2

    Dark age of camelot (5 years and still playing)

    Lineage II (2 years)

    Everquest (1 year)

    Wow (5 months)

    LORTO (2 weeks)



  • DeathstinyDeathstiny Member Posts: 386

    Best 5 of all time:

    1.) Everquest (easy winner - nothing comes close)

    2.) City of Heroes

    3.) Pre BC World of Warcraft

    4.) Earth & Beyond

    5.) Lord of the Rings Online


    And the 5 WORST of all time:

    1.) Vanguard (also an easy winner)

    2.) Star Wars Galaxies (most disappointing (ab)use of a license EVER)

    3.) Horizons

    4.) D&D Online

    5.) Post BC World of Warcraft

  • ZorvanZorvan Member CommonPosts: 8,912

    1. Anarchy Online. It may be getting old, but no other game comes close.

    2. DAoC

    3. UO

    4. EQ

    5. LotRo

  • TkyleTkyle Member UncommonPosts: 33
    1. Everquest  (4 years and still holds strongest memories of any game.)

    2. pre-CU  SWG's  (8 months)

    3. Dark Age of Camelot  (1 year maybe little more.)

    4. World of Warcraft  (6 months,  levels 1 thru 59 was awsome and it lost it's fun factor fast)

    5. EQ2  ( 1 year or little more. That's after leaving after release after about 2 months and coming back to it. Game had big problems early on)
  • AnofalyeAnofalye Member Posts: 7,433

    1- City of Villains,

    2- City of Heroes,

    3- EQ

    4- AA

    5- Saga of Ryzom


    CoX are plainly amazing.  The customisation, both in powers and look, simply outmatch every competitor...the solo, the grouping, the fighting, the travels powers and full vertical movements, the global friendlists, the game is even close.  EQ scores a 3rd position due to it venerable age more then due to the actual game EQ is simply way too backward, but due to it early creation, it deserve a 3rd position.

    - "If I understand you well, you are telling me until next time. " - Ren

  • waveslayerwaveslayer Member UncommonPosts: 377

    1) Lord of the Rings Online

    2) Everquest (Pre - Luclin)

    3)World of Warcraft

    4)Dark Age of Camelot

    5)Anarchy Online

    Godz of War I call Thee

  • Vion1xVion1x Member Posts: 188
    1) Lineage2

    2) GuildWars

    3) World of Warcraft

    4) Everquest 2

    5) Saga of Ryzom

    waiting for.

    1) Huxley

    2) Fury
  • shontainshontain Member Posts: 2

    in first place is .............  DAoC (played 4.5 Years)

    2nd place ...................... Kingdom of Drakkar ( an ancient 2d game that i played for about 3 years but had a lot of fun with that)

    3rd place ....................... WoW (been playing about 3 months)

    4th place ....................... LOTRO (tried the 10 day trial)

    5th place ....................... DDO (played about 4 weeks before getting bored)




  • roamieroamie Member Posts: 115

    1. Wow

    2. Guildwars

    3. EQ 2

    4. Lotr

    5. Linage 2

  • kerlon44kerlon44 Member Posts: 32
    1. World of Warcraft

    nothing else comes close
  • SmoeySmoey Member UncommonPosts: 595
    1, Dark Age of Camelot (was the best hands down and hopefully warhammer will be just as good.)

    2, Asherons Call 2 (don't care what people say the game itself was still awesome.)

    3, Planetside (when there was loads of people playing it the battles were epic i tell you!)

    4, Star Wars Galaxies (when it was first released this game was awesome haven't played for years though.)

    5, World of Warcraft  (it's a good game despite what a lot of people say it's just really boring in my opinion after a while.)

    (\ /) ?
    ( . .)

  • opzeroopzero Member Posts: 31
    This is a tricky question for me so many games have been good/bad when they came out and have gotten better/worse  so  i'm gonna  list the  top  5  as  they  are  now .

    1 World of warcraft

    2 Everquest 2

    3 Guild wars

    4 City of villains

    5 Lord of the rings online

    runner up- Anarchy online

    Of course this just my opinion.A game for me has to have good group play or pvp, or both . 
  • FahrenheitTHFahrenheitTH Member Posts: 130
    1) World of Warcraft-Love the game, and still do. Very original and great lore. Brilliant

    2) Flyff-Good free game, graphics are good, nice skills and armour but it got old eventually

    3) Guild Wars-I really got into the game for sometime. Great quests and mission, and PvE and PvP.

    4) Anarchy Online-Was a brilliant game aswell but it got old too.  Graphics are a bit dated but it has great features and such.

    5)Star Wars Galaxies-Despite what people say it wasn't a bad game. I really like the Star Wars films which helped to understand the game and appreciate it more than the average gamer.


  • ZarraaZarraa Member Posts: 481

    Intresting to see others responses

    1) EQI: (Pre GOD) Gates of Discord. Most complete MMO I've ever played

    2) DAOC: RVR, epic feel & Best RP environment for it's time.

    3) EQII: Great Lore Most complete current day MMO.

    4) Lineage II: EPIC PVP, simply beautiful in all aspects.

    5) Guild Wars: No power restrictions,Compelling storyline, Beautifull.

    6) Cox: Yea...I know only top 5 but this game is a fun romp plus new Invention system adds replay value.

    Honerable mentions EVE, LOTRO, WOW, & MxO

    Dutchess Zarraa Voltayre
    Reborn/Zero Sum/Ancient Legacy/Jagged Legion/Feared/Nuke & Pave.

  • ThourneThourne Member RarePosts: 757
    1 pre cu swg

    2 AO

    3 Eve

    4 AC

    5 Saga of Ryzom
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