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Matrox Parhelia

liquescentliquescent Member UncommonPosts: 145

Has anyone tried a Matrox Parhelia on Everquest?

Im just curious about how EQ works in dual monitors.


  • ScorpeonScorpeon Member Posts: 32
    As for EQ working in dual monitor for the ati radeon 9700pro it sucks dont know if the marox parhelia does something different but when I was running it on to screens at the same time it litterally went at about a half a frame a second on my computer. For me though the dual monitor feature really helped me in pulling up the map without printing all the paper at least before loy came out. It also helped me out with quests and other little things that I need help on. As for playing EQ itself on 2 monitors, I don't see it actually working but you could try it.image

  • ScarisScaris Member UncommonPosts: 5,332

    You had better luck them me, I am running an NVidia FX 5600 and I have found zero dual monitor support for it and the one time I windowed it across both screens, well, actually just partially across both screens it just about took me to a screetching halt. I have seen nil support for dual monitors in most games that come out, I could be missing something, if I am let me know, I sure would like to start enjoying it and NOT have to go into display properties and shut off dual view for half my games before I play. If I dont half the games let the mouse leave the game screen and then the game crashes when you accidently click on the second monitor.

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