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anyone can help me?, i hve problem with voyage century

SeesamiSeesami Member Posts: 1
when i put the game on i can't change options and when i start playing i can't see my mouse in the game. anyone know what to do? ty if u can help


  • HatsAndCatsHatsAndCats Member Posts: 74

    This is the bug reports forum for the mmorpg site.

    You want Voyage Century Forums ->
  • Camman321Camman321 Member Posts: 68
    Options you can change ingame. As far as not being able to see your mouse...that happens to everyone and not sure why they've not fixed that.

    But all you have to do with that is push the windows button on your keyboard, run your mouse over the start menu programs..and then onto the client. Wa works....but you've got to do that everytime you leave the client...
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