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FREEZES...are they common or is it just me?

comicguy07comicguy07 Member Posts: 10

Hi all, I just started playing shadowbane and every so often the shit will freeze up and I have to cold boot my pc. I was wondering if this was a bug (among others ive noticed) becuase of the lack of customer support as this is F2P now. also when I try to hit with my mele weapon on my vampire mage the mob will somtimes jump behind me and the whole fight looks weird cuz we both turn to face eachother but its still wierd. And while im at it does anyone have a guild I could possibly join cuz I really wanna go to the mainland.

Thanks in advance to whoever remotley gives a shit. 

P.S anyone who says "yes its f2p now so deal with it" all I have to say is Anarchy Online is free and I play it and it dosnt have half the problems, but somtimes the sci-f isn't what I wanna do and I gots ta have mah fantasay.

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  • jdkskipjdkskip Member UncommonPosts: 120
    I would have that problem when  I was engaged in medium size battle. You can try lowering your settings a little bit, but what really worked for me was typing /perfmonon in the chat box. Seemed to reduce the lag a bit and I wouldn't crash to the desk top. Hope that helps you.
  • danmccooeydanmccooey Member Posts: 30
    Definately turn down your settings (sound too).  Although the system requirements are really low for the game, it is a complete resource hog.  Also, be sure you have the latest versions of both your graphics card driver and the latest directx.  You're definately going to see lag no matter what system you're on, but you shouldn't be freezing up at all.  Hell, I ran the game on a 1.1ghz celeron, 256mb ram, 32mb gfx card DELL with not too many problems.  Lemme know if any of this helps.
  • ShazzelShazzel Member Posts: 472
    I never lock up but there is a memory loss if you have been around 100 people at a bane for a while and usually need to relog and/or reset your pc..
  • CharlizdCharlizd Member UncommonPosts: 923
    yeah i have had freeze prob and more so when i am by myself i logged on tonight and 5 mins into the game it freezes on me no 1 else around was all by myself and not even fighting anything very annoying, Restarted my pc and got on here instead.
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  • HellsWizardHellsWizard Member Posts: 44

    All SB servers are suffering from " top of the hour " lag. this is prolly what you're experiencing.

    Everyday, at the top of every hour, there is a server freeze lasting from 3 seconds, all the way to 5 minutes ; Stray bullet Games says the issue is something to do with UBI's network. /shrug no idea myself. lately however the top of the hour lag has been fairly short in duration but still there all the same. Infact you can set your watch to it.

    next time the server freezes, check the time.


  • l2avisml2avism Member UncommonPosts: 386
    If your using a windows 2000 derived os (win xp, win 2000, win server) and in vista and its upcoming children, you dont need to reboot your pc when an application freezes, you simply alt tab to another app, hit your keyboad window button(start button), or press ctrl-alt-del to minimise the game window and then press ctrl-alt-del (if you havent already) to open the task manager.

    Once you get the task manager, go to the process tab, find sb.exe, and click end task (you cant end task on the task list, thats the same as clicking close on the window, and if the game is not responding its too busy to close its window).

    In these modern windows os's an application cannot make the computer freeze when it freezes. In earlier windows such as 98 any program can make your pc freeze since it uses primitive multitasking. in modern win os's, if an app freezes it gets lowered on the cpu time alloted to it and the pc keeps trucking on.

    If your entire os freezes and you use win2k or greater, its most like a kernal mode failure, such as a device driver that freezes. In vista all drivers are user mode like your applications do, so this wont happen. To find out what device does the freezing, open your device manager and uninstall each device one at a time and reboot, then run the game. Keep cycling until you find the culprit.

    If you findout what device does it, either leave it off forever, or update the drvers. If the new drivers are causing the crash, use 6 month old drivers. Nvidia releases bad new drivers sometimes.

    The most common device drivers to crash are tv tuners, printers, sound, and graphics.
  • l2avisml2avism Member UncommonPosts: 386
    Originally posted by comicguy07

    also when I try to hit with my mele weapon on my vampire mage the mob will somtimes jump behind me and the whole fight looks weird cuz we both turn to face eachother but its still wierd.
    Use your mouse to turn the camera around, or go into settings and force the camera to face your charactors face direction.
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