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Npc - Quest text problem!

SokratesSokrates Member Posts: 11
When i play my EverQuest 2 game i got a really annoying problem, the quest givers text is to small.Cant hardly see it.

Lucky me i have the voice downloaded so i can still hear the quest.

Anyone knows how to  fix  this  problem?

Here is a sample of my problem in  a ingame picture:

Then i have another demand/question - where can i get som info about items, maps, instances and boss fight.

Any given link, movie or something would be grateful.

If someone need a new friend to play with i have precisely started i new character:

Name: Titonex (Everfrost)

Iksar, Warden lvl 1 - See you there brave adventures ^^


  • lomillerlomiller Member Posts: 1,810
    There should be a UI setting someplace under options that controls the font size. For information on quest updates and boss fights I suggest you get the map mod



    This site is also usefull for maps




    and for general quest information I use


  • Ranma13Ranma13 Member Posts: 747

    What's your Language for non-Unicode programs set to in the Control Panel -> Regional and Language Settings -> Advanced tab? That might affect the font size.

  • OdenathusOdenathus Member UncommonPosts: 605

    Trivia (not a fix or really helpfull) all quest text should be echo'd into your chat window - so, even if you can't read the chat bubbles (which I have turned off) the NPC chat should be in your main window...

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