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Dungeons & Dragons Online: In Game Event Starts Today

SzarkSzark News ManagerMember Posts: 4,420

Dungeons and Dragons Online will be holding a series of in game events based on a traditional Halfling game called "Hide and Seek" starting tonight on Mabar and Aundair and heading on to other servers over the course of the next week.

A common misconception is that Hide & Seek is a child's game. In actuality, Hide & Seek originated as a training method in the Halfling tribes in the Talenta Plains. One warrior would hide while others would hunt for them in a test designed to hone skills, sharpen senses, and make everyone who participated a better hunter.

Recently the Coin Lords summoned Sir Lawrence and lamented the fact that many of the new heroes arriving in Stormreach have lost much of their training since the Last War ended. To help keep the new heroes' skills properly honed, Sir Lawrence has decided to bring back the old Halfling training game to Stormreach! Sir Lawrence will use a teleport stone to travel to any public location available to the citizens of Stormreach. Work as a team or on your own - if you find him, you (and your team) will receive a Scepter of Siberys!

Get all the details here.


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