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UO Reborn?

TrevalinTrevalin Member Posts: 63

Anyone know if they plan on making a classic server? If not it will still be a ruined shell of what it was but the shell will be more polished. Yay, a gargoyle riding a polar bear!!! Make a damn Classic Server!!!



  • WarsongLSWarsongLS Member Posts: 37

    They have already annouced numerous times, that there will not be a "classic" server.  The Dev team gave several reasons,  I would suggest going to stratics and doing a search to read what was said.

    If not I gonna go off memory,  They has been quite a few lame ass excuses why.  Code is too old,  no one knows for sure what parts of the code does as it was not properly marked and no one on the current team wants to try and figure it out cause they do not want to cause a serious crash/permanent wipe. No on the current dev team was around back then so some parts of the code are in outdated languages which they do not use anymore. etc etc. They can not decide what would constitute a "classic" server -- anything pre-AoS?  Early than that? just T2A?  there has been some heated discussion.  Then you have to Seige/Mugen players  arguing about their shards.

    So basically it is not gonna happen.


  • Vanguard-TPVanguard-TP Member Posts: 35
    Its all pure bull shiz! The UO Dev's can do it if they wanted to.
  • WarsongLSWarsongLS Member Posts: 37

    I do not disagree with you.  I just telling you what I remember reading at stractics, the dev terams reasons why the can not or will not create a "classic" server.

    But then the problem is what is a "classic" server?   Pre-AoS?  Just UO no T2A? Where do you make the decision?  Your vision of "classic" is probably different than mine.

  • RoyouRoyou Member UncommonPosts: 82

    There is just one thing I don't get about E.A, if you make a thing, (ok they didn't originally make UO Richard Garret did) which to all purposes is expensive, and market this item, then you are going to take out insurances should you have problems, in the computer world they make backups/copies of the original, which are put in archives, should the whole system crash or a new patch corrupt the system regular/daily backups are made, so that the system can be restored.

    I don't for one second believe anything that E.A say when It comes to bringing out a classic server, as I believe that they have everything that they need to do it in there archives, so they can come up with any lame dumb ass answer they want, I won't believe them for this reason.

    NO the reason I believe they won't do it is that Richard Garret (the true Lord British) must have some form of copyright on the original version of UO, and they reason for all the changes is that E.A have put their own stamp on OU changing it from Richards concept/Idea and designs, there by making it in their way different, and their's not his, so if they were to bring out a classic server they would have to pay Richard for the right to do this, something that I feel E.A would never do.

    Who knows the big man himself my have had taken out something to prevent this, and forbade E.A from ever bringing out an original Classic Server, and for all we know when Richard left he could have taken all the original archives up to the E.A additions, with him.

    So as for an original classic server, it is something that I don't think will ever see the light of day :(

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  • WarsongLSWarsongLS Member Posts: 37

    I believe that Lord British keep the right to be lord british and the rights for some of the other named characters from UO lore,  other than that,  He sold everything to EA a long time ago.

    Again I ask what would contitute a "classic" server? Pre-AoS, Pre-T2A.  Where do you draw the line to even try to make a new server?

  • BrianshoBriansho Member UncommonPosts: 3,586
    My instinct tells me if they did create a few classic/original servers enough people would leave their current servers and the devs would have a hard time keeping them going(low population/empty servers).

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  • Still just upsets the hell out of me they made all the changes on siege and mugen.  Those were the "classic" pre-tram servers, but they destroyed those with those over time and it just makes me cry.
  • VegsterVegster Member Posts: 20

    All you people that say you would play classic shards of UO, but how long would the appeal last for and how long would you actually play it, giving that you probably play other games anyway. This is probably the biggest and only reason they dont make classic servers for you to play on.


  • sempiternalsempiternal Member UncommonPosts: 1,082

    Indefinitely.  When the gameplay is solid, a game is always fun to play.

    When the gameplay sucks, then new expansions and "time-wasting" content need to be dangled in front of player's eyes to keep them going, which only makes the game even worse; much like the current UO cycle of expansions and content.  There is very little game left, so they just keep throwing new garbage at players and hoping it will stick.

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