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need help with knight online

rippleribsrippleribs Member Posts: 3

i have downloaded knights online but it says i need to register but when i go on the site and put in my details for registration it sends me back the the hompage of knight online, can anyone help me or tell me what im doin wrong

thanks in advance


  • justmyselfjustmyself Member Posts: 104
    I think its site bug, you need to contact with KO maintenance to repair this.
  • D4rv3nD4rv3n Member Posts: 164
    Well, their server is overloaded, try registering in the middle of the night or so, or you will never register, and don't even start playing if you're not plannin' on payin' for this game because you will NEVER get into the server without premium (you get three days of premium when u register but after that, forget it)
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