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Post number

phosphorosphosphoros Member Posts: 512

I'd like to see a small little feature that almost every other forum software has that this one doesn't.  I tend to really notice it too since it's missing when I read posts here.  The posts being numbered.  I took the liberty of having taking a screenshot of a post by one of your staff and adding a graphic to help illustrate what I'm refering too.

Actualy image link is - http://home.comcast.net/~phosphoros/post-number-1.jpg  if this get's butchered and you can't see what I did.

One of the nice things about each post having a number is usually you can simply click on the little number and it'll take you to that post only.  Makes it really easy to reference a specific post with that feature.  Even if it didn't do that you could tell a friend to check Xthread and look for post number 22 on page 2 and it would be a LOT easier to find. To bad the forums couldn't be vBulletin.  Thanks for reading.


  • derf26derf26 Member Posts: 123
  • skywisenightskywisenight Member UncommonPosts: 348
    This is already a planned addition, it just happens to be pretty low priority so it hasn't been done yet.  Hopefully by end of next week or the beginning of the week after it will be inplace.

    Thanks for pointing it out though, had it not been on the list, it would surely have been added!
  • phosphorosphosphoros Member Posts: 512
    Thanks for the reply.

    Thanks too, for continuing to add features.


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