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Why people should play RuneScape!

ZelphienZelphien Member Posts: 17
Okay this is why people should play RuneScape:

1) They are too poor for a good computer to play the up to date games.

2) They are too poor to pay for games that cost $15 per month

3) They are little kids that think its cool

4) If people got bored of everything else and said "What the Hell?" I'll play RuneScape

5) If their friends play and forced them on RuneScape


1) Why do people think RuneScape sucks?

A: Because, the good gamers(as found on MMORPG.com) play better games. Games that have better graphics, gameplay, and more events.

2) Why are Santa Hats so rare and Expensive?

A: Because, Jagex(Creator of RuneScape) hated them because everyone started to trade them for alot of money. Now, whoever has them are the only ones to sell them...Cant get them anymore and that blows!

3) RS has many skills to level up. Why do you hate it?

A: Because there isnt much skills. Play World of Warcraft or something, lets count how many they have.

4) People dont like the Membership, but its only 5 dollars!

A: Because the membership isnt that great.....Sorry

5) Why are you ranting on RuneScape if you still play, Zelphien?

A: Because I get to play Membership for Free!(by www.freerunemembers.com). Plus, I only play cuz this guy is actually paying for me, I dont wanna waste his money and plus some things about RuneScape is cool like "Merchanting" "Scamming" "CastleWars" and "Fletching".


  • MerchofdeathMerchofdeath Member Posts: 12
    I play Fallen Sword for the same thing. For non upgrade comp. I have this freakin Sprint Card thats used for laptops because I cant get highspeed where I live.


  • Yankees92292Yankees92292 Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 47
    i used to play runescape before i opened my eyes and realized that there are way better games to play. Jagex needs to come up with a strategy to save their game because eventually people are going to see that Runescape is nothing but a lagged-out game with terrible graphics and community. This game must be built for 7 year olds because if you spell a word wrong by accident, then it comes out like this: *******.... Then the next thing you know other users who have nothing better to do than report others for no apparent reason..


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  • ErF03ErF03 Member Posts: 2
    there is some fiction in your truth and some truth in your fiction, yes it is free and i sudjest to get to atleast get to lvl 70 before actually becoming member unless your some rich bastard that can have 20 pures that are all members. k screw it runescape sucks ass but hell i can not play other games on this peace of shit that is my computer.

  • karrambakarramba Member Posts: 2

    Well i totally agree with him, and for all that suckers that say i should get at least 80 combat or stuffs; i got to 120 combat in 2 years, the only good thing about that is that i watched like 20 anime shows on youtube while doing it XD well anyway i started disliking the game pretty early; and i left it like a couple of weeks ago when i finally got a decent compiuter at home ^^


  • blah40000blah40000 Member Posts: 138
    Basicly, you suck, RS sucks... even MapleStory is better than RS.

    the sad sad truth
  • pk3rpurepk3rpure Member Posts: 86
    u ppl shouldnt diss game that  isnt that bad. The main problem is the graphics and the community. I agree wen u try to say sumthing it always get blocked, now that is fked up. apart from that the membership is so cheap that it doesnt rly matter paying. If u want to diss rs then u need to learn how to play the game for fun. its not about it being a amazing game, but ur able to play where eva wenever and u dont need to have a lv 124 account. i have a lv 26 account that i play mostly and its great fun. i go kill ppl in PvP and i dont care if i die.


  • SailorCallieSailorCallie Member UncommonPosts: 54
    You can play on any browser, on any computer, anywhere in the world!
  • KaabulkKaabulk Member Posts: 670
    Originally posted by SailorCallie

    You can play on any browser, on any computer, anywhere in the world!
    yea but rs blows and the graphics are bull since it is browser base..but got to agree with you on dat u can play anywere in da world...but it is easier to get hacked from browser hacks like me...
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