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Is it right?

dot_boydot_boy Member Posts: 24
Do you think it's right that Gravity is so childish about their software? They didn't do much to prevent the stolen copy of AEGIS, even though it was stolen. Yes, stolen. But, now they do nothing while their stock goes lower and lower... I think they should man up and attack the heart of private servers... Yes, you guessed it. Networkers. People who sell dedicated servers for RO. Take them down, and 30+ private servers go down with it. Many of which are large. Someone should address this to Gravity, considering that guy who ran L2 servers went to jail for it. Why cant these buggers?


These are two of them that ive routed out. They try to hide it by not including it on their main site, and linking to their service via private server forums...

I hope this message reaches Gravity, they have to fight, thats nature, you need to keep up with the hax, dont let them take over, YOU MUST FIGHT GRAVITY PPLZ

-I LOVE FF moogles


  • CleffyIICleffyII Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 3,440
    The problem is probably too epidemic at this point to prevent.  However, there is a chance to stop it from happening to RO2.  ro2stuff already got shut off.


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