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the "official" UXO speculation thread.

SandozSandoz Member Posts: 31

Ok, we received word that the project is not canceled. So what exactly is going on over there? Post your thoughts.

I'm thinking maybe EA is going to take this seriously and go all out. Maybe even a new graphics engine??? That would explain the lack of newly released screen shots. Perhaps the hype that EQII and WOW have garnered has forced EA to consider making a high end MMORPG.


  • Nmbr6Nmbr6 Member Posts: 73
    I doubt that they are going to make a new graphics engine, the unreal engine can compete well with EQII(the models look like they have plastic faces) and the so-so World of Warcraft engine. Graphics will not be a problem and doesn't make a "high end MMORPG", its going to be all about content and whether it will feel different from the other 20 mmorpgs coming out next year. By the time UXO comes out(most guess around Q4 2004/Q1 2005), the EQII and WoW hype will be over and if either fail, many MMORPG fans will take a look at UXO.

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  • BeezerbeezBeezerbeez Member UncommonPosts: 299

    I think they are looking at a possible revamp.  Some big changes to content and maybe crafting and stuff.  I doubt they'll change the graphics engine, I love the graphics, but who knows.  Inqwis has been very reassurant that the game is not cancelled, but it seems like they are planning something big to compete with WoW, EQII, and others.  Who can say...

    Inqwis will keep us up-to-date when they figure out what's going on.  My bet is that they don't even know yet.

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  • JutaroJutaro Member Posts: 4

    This game is going to suck harder then daikatana.

  • ConerValloreConerVallore Member Posts: 36
    I think its very possible that they will make some big changes but I think the core game will stay the same. InQWis has already said many times that the focus of the game will still be Combat and Questing. I think the major changes will come from editing/adding more quests and other Ultima like features. The new devs know there Ultima and I am sure it will turn out great!


  • LebowskiLebowski Member Posts: 147

    If they add crafting and housing I'm their's ::::28::

    When life tastes like lemmon, take tequila and salt.

    When life tastes like lemmon, take tequila and salt.

  • LaerixLaerix Member Posts: 6

    Housing is such a sticky point in these games.  I love it in UO, hate it in AC and hear mixed signals about it in DAoC.  Crafting, if it's done right, is a huge boon to building communities, especailly RP'ers.  If it's not, it becomes an afterthought add-on diversion.  I just hope they get it right because I really want this game to succeed.

  • RandallFlaggRandallFlagg Member Posts: 6

    If you are going to have housing in your game, you have to do it right.

    There has to be a reason for you to invest yourself in it. I do not mean monatarily, but rather something you are willing to put time into and work on.

    The problem with houses, such as in Dark Age , is that they can be expensive and require high up keep costs. I think there should be a great variety of houses, ones that are nothing but a simple shack to store extra items, to being grand palaces meant to house the heads of powerful guilds.

    Instead of having a vault, I think inital housing should be very cheap so that everyone can have a home. However, if you want to get larger buildings and create guild halls it requires purchasing plots and heavy amounts of cash.

  • ElipantsElipants Member Posts: 3
    Housing was definately a great part of playing UO for the 5+ years that i played. The one constant seemed to be people looking for housing/selling housing. The crafting system was good but needed to wasnt all that it could have been, I hope UXO uses UO as a guide when creating the economy
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