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Start up problem! Please help!

omfgalreadyomfgalready Member Posts: 50

So I went to the official Shadowbane site, and then downloaded the game from fileplanet.  After I unzip it, I am installing Shadowbane - Throne of Oblivion.  My first question is:  Isn't Throne of Oblivion an expansion to the game?  Or is it just the more recent download of the game?  Am I downloading the right thing?

My second question is more of the main problem.  After installing the game, the patch or whatever finished and I went to play, and the screen flickered and a message came up first "Warning - OpenGL Context."  Next I hit "OK" and then...

Shadowbane: sb.exe - Fatal Application Exit

"sb.exe has encountered an error and cannot continue! (code=ACCESS VIOLATION addr=77C47C7E"

I click "OK" and I am back to windows.

Also sometimes it says that my graphics do not support the minimum requirements, and that cant be right...

I am running a Athlon XP 2700+ mhz with 512MB RAM and i have I believe GeForce 4500

I have no idea what the problem is..  I tried re-downloading and reinstalling and nothing changed. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated...





  • ghoul31ghoul31 Member Posts: 1,955
    what video card are you using?
  • danmccooeydanmccooey Member Posts: 30

    It's 100% a graphics card problem.  There is no such thing as a "geforce 4500" by the way so check the card and get back to us.  I'm guessing you're on a pretty old system and using an equally old gfx card... or worse- onboard graphics.    If you need to, I've run the game on a card as crappy as the Nvidia TNT64 32mb pci.  So if you're willing to spend < $10 you can still play if your card is already crap.

  • omfgalreadyomfgalready Member Posts: 50

    I am using a GeForce FX5200 actually, and i figured out what the problem was.

    I updated my drivers, and had to make sure GL Context was open, that was all, but thanks for replying. 

    Maybe I'll catch u guys in game


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