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Ok so I can run the game but cannot login, I cannot find the subscribtion option everyone saids to l

AngelboundAngelbound Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 1,437
I registered twice and still did not find it whats going on here?


  • AngelboundAngelbound Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 1,437
    Wow how dumb the account management option was in the news no where else I thought it would work this time except now it wont let me login my website account so I had to make another I try to sign in and it said the server was not working or something like that another time it said invalid pass/account.
  • calyptacalypta Member Posts: 8
    I don't know if you figured it out yet or not. I spent over an hour last night getting my account set up. For some reason my original account that I had for playing other ubi games wouldn't work no matter what I did. So I had to make a new account. They make it absolutely impossible to find this page. I found a link in the "Free to Play" section.

    When you log in there, the first page you see will have an "Add Subscription" button. Just click that and you should be good to go. Like I said, I did the same thing with my first account and it still wouldn't let me play but the new account worked.

    Good luck, I know this is an extremely frustrating process with this game!
  • AngelboundAngelbound Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 1,437
    Tell me about it geesh im gonna try it again but it would not let me sign up on my old account because the password was to long? Im going to have to make up names and come up with new emails sigh.
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