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Palladium's Rifts RPG...when?!?

goomba667goomba667 Member Posts: 43
When oh when will Palladium license out its Rifts RPG? Fantasy, Sci-fi, Horror...hell, just about every genre out there all rolled up into one. And a plethora of expansions just waiting in the wing to be implemented.

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  • SavageSageSavageSage Member UncommonPosts: 66
     Palladium would rock as a MMORPG, one of my top 3 I would like to see made, along w/ the Heroes(Champions) system and the StoryBook Line (Mage the Assention, Vampire the Masquarade, Warewolf the appocolypse, etc.).  These would revitalize the MMORPG industry I think and would raise the bar very high.
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